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MPJ Wonderpillow 8-in-1 Maternity/Nursing Microfibre Pillow with Bamboo Cover (2 Designs)

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The MPJ Wonderpillow - Winner of the Harper's BAZAAR Most Loved Baby Care Best Nursing Pillow Awards 2016 is a multi-purpose 8-in-1 maternity/nursing pillow that is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Shaped like a horseshoe, this amazing pillow wraps perfectly around your back or tummy to provide the much-needed back and tummy support during pregnancy. Post-pregnancy, it can be used as a nursing pillow to provide support under your arms. And afterwards, baby's tummy-time or sit-up support pillow!

8-in-1: Tummy support, Back support, Hip support, Post-delivery relief, Breastfeeding, Relaxation pillow, Leg support, Baby tummy-time / sit-Up pillow (please do not leave your child unsupervised)

  • Full body pillow
  • Supports back and belly during pregnancy
  • Microfiber fill
  • Provides cushion when nursing baby
  • Elevates body to comfortable nursing position
  • Baby tummy time and back support pillow
  • Comes with a removable/machine washable cover
  • Oh-so-soft, smooth, airy, slightly stretchy fabric cover made of bamboo cotton blend
  • Dimensions: 172cm x 76 cm

Additional covers in cotton and bamboo (click here) are available for separate purchase.

*Due to the delicate nature of bamboo fabric, avoid stretching or pulling the bamboo cover as the seams may break easily. Recommended care: Hand wash, line dry.


As featured in Best in Singapore's web article "The 6 Best Body Pillows in Singapore for More Comfortable Naps"

Harper's BAZAAR Most Loved Baby Care Awards 2016!

Winner of the Harper's BAZAAR Most Loved Baby Care Best Nursing Pillow Awards 2016 



Size Dimensions

 Wonderpillow Dimensions

Pillow Weight: 2kg

Microfibre Filling. 

Wonderpillow is available in microfibre filling. Microfiber filling is denser, heavier and fimer. 

How To Use

Tuck the Wonderpillow under your head and between your knees as a bolster for the perfect night’s sleep. Coil it up like a donut to lean back as a back support for reading or watching TV. After you've given birth, use this as the perfect nursing pillow and ultimate cushion for hemorrhoid or post-episiotomy relief. 

When baby starts to sit up, arrange it around the back and sides of baby so baby can lean on it for support when trying to sit up.

Wonderpillow 2-in-1 Maternity/Nursing Pillow

Care Instructions

  • Toss into washing machine. (Wash 2 pillows at a time to balance load)
  • Wash on gentle cycle. Ensure detergent has been fully rinsed off.
  • Tumble-dry on low (place tennis balls inside to help plump the pillows).
  • Sun dry them.
  • Fabric softener can help add fresh fragrance.
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