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Wakodo Kyoto Style Rice Porridge and Kyoto Style Simmered 'Tofu' & Vegetables (130g, 80g), 12m+ (exp 04/22)

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Wakodo Kyoto Style Rice Porridge and Kyoto Style Simmered 'Tofu' & Vegetables is a box containing 1 pack of rice and 1 pack of root crops for babies.Two-flavor set of 'Sea Bream Rice' and 'Simmered Root Crops in Sweetened Soy Sauce'. No artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring added. Comes with a spoon. Enjoy the convenience of feeding your baby with this carefully balanced diet, great for busy parents strapped for time.

  • Delicious as it is
  • Pre-cooked and ready to eat
  • Food texture can be crushed by gums
  • Staple foods (rice etc), includes a spoon
  • Can be eaten immediately after opened, great for on the go
  • 100% domestically produced vegetables
  • Coloring agents, preservatives, perfumes are not used

Product contains 1 box = 

  • Wakodo Kyoto Style Rice Porridge (130g) x 1pk
  • Wakodo Kyoto Style Simmered 'Tofu' & Vegetables (80g) x 1pk

Recommended for babies 12+ months.

This product is a JDM product – manufactured specifically for Japan Domestic market and usually regarded by consumers to be of superior quality compared to Japanese products made for export. All packaging are in Japanese.


Kyoto Style Rice Porridge rice (Japan), vegetables (radish, carrot, Chinese cabbage), bonito-kelp stock, codfish, soy sauce (contains wheat, soybean), sugar, Maitake mushroom, sea bream extract, rice vinegar, salt / thickener (modified starch).
Kyoto Style Simmered 'Tofu' & Vegetables vegetables (carrot, radish, green bean), tofu (contains soybean), bonito-kelp stock, minced sea bream (sea bream, sugar), sugar, soy sauce (contains wheat), vegetable oil, Shiitake mushroom, rice vinegar, salt, Wakame seaweed / thickener (modified starch), tofu coagulant agent.


1. Pre-cooked, can be eaten without preparationInstructions

2. Warming with hot water 

  • Warm container 2 to 3 minutes in hot water without opening the lid seal. 

3. Heating with a microwave oven 

  • Remove the lid seal of the container completely. 
  • Heat at 500 ~ 600W. 
  • Do not exceed 600 W, avoid overheating
  • Estimated heating time is about 20 seconds. 
  • Do not heat with auto (automatic) button. 

Nutritional facts

Kyoto Style Rice Porridge

  • Energy · · · 96 kca L 
  • Protein · · · 2.3 g 
  • Lipid · · · 0.4 g 
  • Carbohydrate ··· 20.8 g 
  • Sodium · · · 260 mg 

Kyoto Style Simmered 'Tofu' & Vegetables

  • Energy ··· 34 kca L 
  • Protein · · · 1.2 g 
  • Lipid · · · 1.1 g 
  • Carbohydrate ··· 4.9 g 
  • Sodium · · · 168 mg


  • Although the surface may turn reddish brown by heating, there is no compromise in quality and food is still safe 
  • Always check the temperature after heating
  • Warming may vary depending on the type of microwave oven. 
  • When stored in a place with a low temperature, contents may become whitened or hardened, but quality remains uncompromised and food is still safe.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, please save at room temperature. 
  • Do not heat directly with flames
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