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Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water (Alcohol Free), 500ml (exp 03/23)

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Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Cleansing Water that kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds. Simply spray onto any surface (even if it is going into the mouth) and it is sanitised! There is no need to rinse nor wipe, and can be used on any surface and even on the body from newborn. The water provides the base for it to be highly effective as a cleanser, the only other ingredient, a NATURAL ACID (Hypochlorous Acid) that is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its antibacterial properties. The 500ml bottle of Aquaint Sanitising Water is great for use around the home to instantly sanitise worktops, highchairs and much more.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs in seconds
  • Fragrance and alcohol free
  • Endorsed by Allergy UK
  • Included: 1 x 500ml Bottle of Vital Baby™ Aquaint Sanitising Water

Recommended for babies 0+ months.


Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Hypochlorous Acid

All parents know what it is like when baby drops their soother or bottle on the floor, you have no way of cleaning it and nothing else will pacify your little one. Vital Baby have found the answer! 

Vital Baby Aquaint is a multipurpose, 100% natural antibacterial Sanitising Water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. It contains no alcohol or other harsh chemicals, no fragrances, no preservatives and can be safely used on the hands and body (from birth) and on surfaces (even on items that go in the mouth) with no need to rinse. Vital Baby Aquaint is endorsed by Allergy UK and is suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Vital Baby Aquaint has passed stringent UK drinking water tests, making it the safest eco friendly sanitiser on the market and is even perfectly safe to be handled by children without adult supervision. As a travel companion, Vital Baby Aquaint provides a parent with a SINGLE unrivalled level of hygienic peace of mind for a multitude of application uses. Vital Baby Aquaint can be used just like water to sanitise little hands and skin, public changing tables, high chairs, dropped dummies, feeding bottles, teething rings, dropped toys or even the dropped apple! Whilst the 500ml is invaluable for use around the home, the 50ml spray bottle is both 'aircraft friendly' and ‘handbag friendly’, so there is never a need to be caught off-guard!!! 

  • Suitable for use from birth
  • A unique and safe Sanitising Water the kills 99.9% of bacteria!
  • Contains NO alcohol or harmful chemicals
  • Safe to swallow!
  • Can be safely used on the body (from birth)
  • Can be used on hard surfaces
  • Can be used on surfaces that come into contact with a baby's mouth
  • Perfect to sanitise soothers, teethers and feeding equipment when at home or when out and about.
  • Perfectly safe to be handled by children without adult supervision.
  • Endorsed by Allergy UK and is suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Vital Baby Aquaint has passed stringent UK drinking water tests
  • Bronze - Mother and Baby Awards 2017 - Best Travel Product Under £25
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Customer Questions
Do we still need to wipe the surface after spraying

No need to.

Can I use it to sanitize feeding bottles after washing without the use of sterilizing the milk bottle?

You may use it to sanitize feeding bottles. Please note that it does not sterilize, only sanitizes. 

Is this effective on hfmd?

This spray is anti-bacterial. This spray is useful on germs and bacteria. HFMD is actually caused by virus, not bacteria. You should go for this instead: BioCair BC-65 Anti-HFMD BioActive Pocket Spray, 50ml (click here)

Can this be transferred to another bottle? If so, what precautions must be taken and what material of bottle should be used?

Yes, this can be transferred to another bottle. just unscrew the cap and transfer it to another bottle. There are no precautions needed. 

Are there active ingredients which kills the Covid19 virus?

No, does not kill the virus.

Can this be used as a hand sanitiser ? For kids

Yes you can.

Does it matter if baby puts his hand to his mouth after use this product to sanitize his hands?

It's fine, because this sanitizer is alchohol free. However, avoid making it a habit too :) So just discourage baby from putting hand in mouth whenever possible.

Can it be used on toddler's bedsheets?

Sure you can, however there might not be much effectiveness in terms of deodorizing or antibacterial functions, as this sanitizer is mostly meant for cleaning hands.

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