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Benefits of Babywearing

Benefits of Babywearing

Studies have shown that babies who are worn in a soft baby carrier are calmer, more content and cry less. With the ability to explore the world close to you, they learn better and grow up happier and more confident. Click here to see how some animals nurture their infants in pouches from birth to ensure they are equipped with the best to survive on their own!

PROMOTES BONDING. Carrying your baby is a great way to connect with her. Your baby is "right there" to enjoy whenever you feel like hugging, kissing or talking.

ADAPT TO WORLD  By being so close to you and hearing your familiar heartbeat, breathing, voice and warmth, your newborn is able to adapt to life outside the womb much more quickly.

CALMS. Walking around and putting your arms round your baby in a pouch helps soothe fussy babies.

STIMULATES. Babies stay longer in a "quiet, alert state" when carried. This is the ideal state for learning. Rather than just seeing the world from their cribs or pram, wearing your baby allows him to see what you see and explore the world in your safe arms.

BREASTFEEDING. Breastfeeding in a pouch not only preserves your modesty, it also gives your tired arms a break and allows you to chat on the phone or surf the web.

MULTI-TASK. With your baby in a pouch, yours hands are freed up to do other things, like preparing meals, cleaning and caring for your other children.

GET A LIFE. Carrying your baby in a pouch while out shopping or running errands couldn’t be any easier. Definitely beats the hassle of carrying that heavy car seat or stroller. Just pop your baby in your pouch and go!

Watch this interesting video and find out how other animals in the animal kingdom benefit from being carried in a pouch!