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Tommee Tippee Quick-Cook Baby Food Maker (Steam & Blend)

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Tommee Tippee Quick-Cook Baby Food Maker allows you to steam and blend home-made baby food in minutes with less stress and less mess. Steam and blend fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, a healthier way to cook food for your baby, while making the food easier to eat.

  • Steam and blend home-made baby food in minutes
  • Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish
  • Includes a steamer basker, blender jug and handy spatula stored in the handle
  • Steam in steamer basket, blend in jug, or combine both for a range of textures from smooth purees to chunky meals
  • Automatic timer to set steam and blend times
  • Suitable for all stages of weaning from first tastes to larger meals
  • Safe to use, small number of parts easy to clean
  • Steaming preserves nutrients and flavour
  • Smart Memory Function
  • No transfer between steaming and blending.
  • Automatic timer so you can just set, leave, then simply serve or store.
  • BPA Free

Recommended for babies 6+ months.

This product comes with 1 year warranty.

The Tommee Tippee Steamer Baby Food Maker steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. Simple to use, the blender has an easy push button to select the steam or blend function and the timer allows you to personalise the cooking experience based on where you are in your child's weaning adventure.

Start with pureed fruit and vegetables. Steam and blend in one jug, with no need to transfer. Then move onto more chunky textures by steaming in the basket and transfering to the jug to blend. 

  • Steam in basket. Blend in jug. Or steam and blend for a choice of textures
  • Pulse action helps to control texture and consistency of food
  • Smart Switch between steam and blend modes
  • Hand spatula stored in the handle
  • Automatic timer set steam and blend times
  • Pause mid-cycle to stir for even cooking or stop to cancel program at any time
  • Safe to use, easy to clean
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Set to steam, blend or a mix of both (Blend in the jug. Steam with or without the basket, depending on which texture you prefer)
  • New basket for faster steaming
  • Beeps when food is ready
  • Slimline space-saving design

Perfect for all stages of your baby's development

  • 6m+ weaning: Start their taste adventure with small amounts of pureed food
  • 7m+ training: Mashed and chunky - enjoy new textures
  • 12m+ active: Fuel their taste for adventure with bigger portions


Capacity: 200g max 

Package Size: 32.5 x 31 x 14 cm


  • Unit: Polypropylene, ABS.
  • Steamer basket, Blender Jug: Polypropylene, Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Includes: 1 x Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender, 1 x Steamer basket, 1 x Blender Jug and 1 x Spoon and 1 x Tommee Tippee Instruction Leaflet.

Be an amazing chef for your baby

Struggle to scramble an egg? The Quick Cook Baby Food Maker turns you into a sous chef in the eyes of your baby. Take the stress (and mess) out of weaning. It steams fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and blends ingredients into a range of different textures so you can make nutritious food at the push of a button. Gourmet without the grunt work. Sure, it still looks like mush, but to your baby it’s Mushelin starred mush.

Suitable for all stages of weaning

Most little ones start their weaning experience with smooth textures foods such as pureed fruit and vegetables. The Baby Food Maker makes this easy by allowing you to steam and blend in one jug, with no need to transfer food between the two stages.

As your little one develops more feeding skills, you can start to introduce more chunky and mashed textures by steaming in the basket and then transfer to the jug to blend. This option reduces the amount of liquid in the mixture, so your baby can enjoy more chunky food. Use the pulse function to control the texture. Starting with small portions, the baby food maker adapts to growing appetites, with a 200g maximum capacity suitable for meals for active toddlers.


Steam to preserve nutrients

Steaming fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is not only a healthy way to cook food for your baby, but it also helps soften it to make it easier to eat as their teeth and gums develop. Steaming is a natural process that ensures that your baby gets all the goodness, vitamins, nutrients and tastes of the food they eat.
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Customer Questions
-What is the dimension of the product?-Any warranty included?

The entire package dimension is 32.5 x 31 x 14 cm. It comes with 1 year warranty.

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