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Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup (300ml) - Purple

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Tommee Tippee No Knock Cup is the world’s first toddler-proof cup, our no knock cup is the only open top cup that won’t knock over, so everyone can enjoy mealtimes! It grips instantly to smooth, flat, solid surfaces, stopping little hands from tipping it over. The No Knock Cup is hard to knock over but easy to pick up. When it’s time for a drink, lift it gently and straight up. It’s like magic. The No-Knock won’t work if you lift at an angle or pick it up quickly.

  • Toddler-proof open cup that won’t tip over - especially designed for kids
  • Resists accidental knocks to prevent mealtime spills and endless clean-ups
  • Special base, powered by CleverGrip™, technology grips to any smooth surface but lifts up easily. The No-Knock won’t work if you lift at an angle or pick it up quickly
  • Encourages open cup drinking without the mess
  • Dentists recommend open cups to support healthy oral and speech development
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • BPA-free

Recommended for 12+ months.

The saviour of mealtimes
Specially designed to combat the reality that kids will be kids. And no matter what you do, they will bash and bump their cups, accidentally or on purpose. Thanks to the No-Knock cup, everyone can now relax and enjoy mealtimes, without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Stronger than a speeding hand
The No Knock cup is hard to knock over but easy to pick up. Simply place it on a smooth, flat, solid surface and it grips instantly, preventing little hands from knocking it over. When it’s time for a drink, it lifts straight up. Easy peasy.

Ace open cup drinking
Learning to drink from an open cup is an essential part of toddler development but it usually comes with spills, stress, mischief and mess. The No-Knock cup eliminates all that hassle. Help your toddler master grown-up drinking skills without the need to constantly clean up after them.

Dentist recommended
An open cup with no spout or straw, the No-Knock Cup encourages little ones to sip rather than suck. Dentists recommend training children to drink from a cup as soon as possible to prevent tooth decay associated with prolonged sucking. It supports their oral development too by encouraging them to use mouth muscles that help with talking.

Easy clean
Just like a normal open cup, the No-Knock cup is easy to clean. Wash with warm soapy water or clean in the top shelf of your dishwasher.[AM1] Remove the Clevergrip base for thorough cleaning.

Make mealtimes fun
Choose from a range of colourful designs and cartoon-style characters to encourage your little one to have fun drinking from an open cup. The designs and colours make it easy for toddlers to pick out their special cup at family mealtimes.

Reviving the Clevergrip base
If your No-Knock™ Cup isn’t standing quite so firmly as it needs to, it’s likely that the base has some dust or dirt trapped inside.

To reactivate the Clevergrip technology, clean the base of the No-Knock Cup

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