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Tommee Tippee Digital No Touch Forehead Digital Thermometer

Tommee Tippee Digital No Touch Forehead Digital Thermometer

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Tommee Tippee Digital No Touch Forehead Thermometer is a no touch forehead thermometer which provides a calm and comfortable way to measure your baby's thermometer, perfect for reading the temperature of a sleeping child. Our thermometer is quick, accurate and really easy to use. Just hold the scanner up to 4cm away from the centre of the forehead, press the start button and the temperature will show on the LCD display panel within two seconds.

  • Non-intrusive thermometer for forehead readings
  • Perfect for reading the temperature of a sleeping child
  • Fast 2 Second Reading
  • Fever Indicator for when temperature is too high
  • Memory Function (stores last 25 readings)

For babies 3+ months. Please note that for younger babies, temporal artery (forehead) thermometers in general may be unable to capture an accurate temperature reading. To obtain the most accurate reading, a rectal digital thermometer is recommended. 

This product comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Fast 2 second reading
  • Memory Function 
  • Fever indication
  • No touch

Quick and accurate
The Digital No Touch Thermometer uses infrared technology to provide a fast two-second accurate reading for your peace of mind and babies comfort.

Fever Indication
If your baby's temperature is too high, the fever indication system on the thermometer will sound three short beeps followed by on long beep to warn for potential fever.

Memory Function
The thermometer stores 25 memory readings allowing you to monitor baby's temperature over a period of time with ease.

Measure Surface Temperature

Select the infrared mode and point the scanner at any object to get an accurate measurement of its surface temperature. No more guessing when baby’s bottle or food is the right temperature.


Switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius

You can alter how the temperature is recorded by switching between temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

To do this, go into power off mode, press and hold the START button then press the STAND-BY (ON/MEM) button for 3 seconds. °C will switch to °F. You can use the same process to switch back from °F to °C.

Note: when you switch between °C and °F the memory will be cleared.

Measure Surface Temperature

You can measure the surface temperature of any object, such as water, milk, cloth or skin, using the infrared mode.

To do this, turn the thermometer on, then press and hold the Stand-By (On/MEM) button, and START button at the same time.

You will get the real time temperature immediately and it will be continuously updated as you hold the Start button.


Tips for Taking an Accurate Reading

  • Patient must be inside for 30 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • The patient and device must be in the same stable ambient (room) temperature for 15 minutes before operating.
  • Always make sure the scanner lens is clean and undamaged.
  • If the eyebrow area is covered with hair, sweat, make-up or dirt, please clean the area beforehand to improve reading accuracy.
  • Patients should not drink, eat or be physically active before / while taking the measurement. - Remove hats and wait 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
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