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Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroller Arch

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Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroller Arch is a princess-themed stroller arch that can be attached on to baby cribs, cots, car seats and strollers. Entertainment & development for baby everywhere you go. Especially designed for baby girls!

  • 6 uniquely designed fun and engaging activities that inspire natural learning on the go while promoting fine motor skills and cognition - and all right at baby’s fingertips!
  • Designed for two stages of baby’s essential development
  • For the first 5 months, baby bats at the toys, boosting sensory exploration
  • 5+ months, baby begins pulling and holding, exploring the arch in a more sophisticated way.
  • Universal attachnment clips fit most stollers and flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down, adjusting the toy according to baby's age and playing preferences.

Arch can reach width of approximately 18” wide. The universal claws open to approximately 1.5" wide

Recommended for babies 0+ months.


Toys with Engaging Textures and Rattling Sounds

As your baby grows, the toys are great for practicing hand-eye coordination. At first babies will randomly bat the toys causing them to sway, but they'll gradually learn to control their hands and manage to bat the toys deliberately.

ENGAGING ACTIVITIES - Multiple activities to promote baby's development.
TEACH CAUSE AND EFFECT - Baby-activated propeller encourages essential cause & effect learning.
INTERESTING TEXTURES - Each adorable princess-themed toy features fun and engaging textures that captivate baby.

Arch Easily Angled to Ideal Position for Baby

The flexibility of the Sunny Stroll allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered with a simple adjustment the arch to alter the toys that are within your baby’s field of vision.

ATTACHES EASILY - A universal attachment clip fits both strollers and bassinets.


Easy-to-Grasp Teether

The toys are designed to be easily held and will stand up to the mouth exploration and gumming babies love to give.

NATURAL DEVELOPMENT - Easy-to-grasp teether promotes healthy, natural development.


How to Use

Easily connect the arch to your stroller or baby carrier for fun and amusement on the go. Flexible arch and universal attachment clip let you adjust the toy to your baby's changing age and stage.

0-2 months
During the first three months, babies need visual stimulation to help them learn to focus their gaze. The stimuli should be placed at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) and should include some movement. Angle the arch to the appropriate distance and let baby enjoy some visual exploration.
2-5 months
As babies grow, the will trying batting the toys and reaching out to the features. Adjust the arch's distance and let your baby takes the first attempts at playing with the arch's numerous activities.
5+ months
At this stage, babies' developing hand-eye coordination allows them to reach out to the toys confidently, hold them and pull them to their mouth for further exploration. The arch supports the development of motor skills, helps baby learn about cause and effect with the fun propeller activity, and stimulates the senses with rattling and crinkly elements.


Key Developmental Wonders

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

The smiling characters, crinkly textures, rattling sounds and other features stimulate baby’s sense of sight, sound and touch.
Fine Motor Skills
The arch’s adaptability means you can position the toys at the right distance from baby, allowing your little one to bat at the toys and later pull, grasp and roll them, practicing motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
Your baby bats at the dangling toys, learning all about the wonders of cause and effect. Later, baby will learn to pull the propeller and roll the rattling ball to deepen this understanding.
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Customer Questions
hi can this fit a baby bjorn bouncer? thanks

Arch can reach width of approximately 18” wide. The universal claws open to approximately 1.5" wide. Please check if this measurements are suitable for you.

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