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Tiny Love Magical Tales Playgym - Black & White Gymini

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Tiny Love Magical Tales Playgym is a trendy black and white playgym that nurtures your baby's innate ability for exploration. You no longer have to choose between baby's development and your home furnishing style anymore. This playgym satisfies both needs!

  • Stimulates sight from day one with contrasting black & white colors.
  • 18 developmental activities and interactive toys develop your baby's skills.
  • Ultimate tummy time - Adjust the arches to create the open arches mode, which offers the ultimate tummy time experience, boosting baby's development.
  • Encourages bonding with the soft black & white take-along book, which is a great toy for babies and parents to enjoy together and excellent for tummy time..
  • Develops cognitive skills through interactive play with the responsive musical hedgehog toy.
  • Stimulates the senses with a soft mini-mobile designed in contrasting black & white colors.
  • The Gymini® has been carefully conceived to support babies' growth and development.
  • Dimensions: L30" x W35" x H16.5"

NEW: Comes with 36-page comprehensive Development Guide!

Recommended for babies 0+ months.



  1. Baby activated musical toy with 3 melodies
  2. Wind chime badger
  3. Fun fox rattle
  4. Soft take-along book
  5. Shiny satin ribbons
  6. Star teether
  7. Playful plush cloud
  8. Crinkly peek-a-boo tree
  9. Machine washable mat
  10. Mirror for extended tummy time
  11. Stimulating black & white mobile
  12. Adjustable arches provide an adaptable environment for baby's continued growth


Age Tips

Move the adjustable arches into the open position and enjoy some quality bonding time with your baby, enjoying playing together and connecting while encouraging development. Show baby the various activities, talk about the characters in simple sentences ("Here's Marie the hedgehog!") or simply enjoy some precious eye-to-eye contact and communicating with your little one.
0-2 months: SENSES
The gym’s contrasting black & white colors, textures and sounds stimulate baby’s senses from day one. Let baby enjoy the badger wind chime's sweet sound or gaze at the clear geometric shapes of the black & white mobile.
Move the adjustable arches to make sure baby has plenty of room for tummy time. Let your little one explore the shapes on the soft black & white book or marvel at their own reflection in the mirror while practicing tummy time.
When baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the playmat's various features in a more sophisticated way, playing with the electronic hedgehog toy to intentionally cause the lights & music feedback, enjoying the peek-a-boo game, etc.


Modes of Use

While on their backs, babies will enjoy the overhead gym toys and practice motor skills. 
Tummy Time
Soft black & white book and other features will help extend tummy time and encourage gross motor skills.
Sit & Play
When in the sitting position, baby can continue exploring the toys and enjoy their more complex features.
Switching Modes
Simply press and slide the connector to move the arches and shift between the two modes.


Key Developmental Skills

Gross Motor Skills
The spacious and cozy play area let’s babies stretch their bodies, experiment with movement and roll over, while the soft black & white book and other activities help extend tummy time.
Fine Motor Skills
While lying on the back and tummy, baby practices grasping skills and develops hand control.
The black & white Gymini® provides the perfect visual stimulation for young babies. The mat's wealth of textures, sounds and features provide ongoing auditory and tactile stimulation.

As babies plays with the various activities available on the mat, the understanding of cause & effect and object permanence begins to form in their minds.

The Gymin®'s unique arch structure creates an "arch effect", a reassuring, comforting space that lets babies relax and concentrate on the stimuli at hand.

Language & Communication
As parents talk to their babies and point out the various toys and elements in the Gymini®, babies develop their language and communication skills.
  • Dimensions: L30" x W35" x H16.5"
  • Folded: L30" x W20"
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs
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