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Splash About Zip Floatsuit - Dragonfly (3 Sizes)

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Splash About Zip Floatsuit is a gorgeous swimsuit style buoyancy aid, designed to hold your child in the correct learn to swim position. Featuring our unique 16-piece adjustable float system, parents can remove floats from the Floatsuit as the child becomes more water confident. Made from chlorine resistant, UPF50+ fabric, the Floatsuit is perfect for wearing at the pool and beach.

  • Designed to help you teach your child to swim
  • Promotes the correct learn to swim position
  • 16-piece adjustable buoyancy system arranged to hold your child in the correct swimming position
  • Remove the float pieces in pairs as your child becomes more confident in the water
  • New easy change zip down the back
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • High quality, durable, chlorine resistant fabrics.
  • Allows free movement of arms and legs.

Recommended for 1+ years.

Splash About Floatsuits have been designed to help you teach your child to swim. The floats are arranged to hold your child in the correct swimming position and are removed in pairs as your child becomes more confident in the water. The adjustable buoyancy system is explained in detailed instructions that come with the floatsuit, to ensure a safe and fun swimming experience for you and your child.

Must be used under constant adult supervision. On your first use of the product, please ensure you hold the childs hands in the water until they gain their balance and confidence in the water.

How to use the Floatsuit
Start by holding both of the child’s hands and encourage the child to kick their legs in order to hold an upright position in the pool. Once they start gaining confidence in the water, you can release one hand at a time and allow the child to kick their legs. They can then begin moving their arms and legs and you can release one hand at a time whilst they get used to the buoyancy. To prevent tipping remove floats in pairs until the perfect buoyancy is achieved, it may take some children longer than other to gain their balance. Only release both hands once your child has gained their balance can move independently.


Size Guide





(Small) 1 – 2 y

42 – 52cm

40 cm

11 – 15 kg

(Medium) 2 – 4 y

44 – 54 cm

41 cm

15 – 22 kg

(Large) 4 – 6 y

46 – 56 cm

43 cm

22 – 30 kg


Why choose the Splash About Floatsuit?
The Splash About Floatsuit is the most versatile Floatsuit on the market with a 16-piece adjustable buoyancy system. Designed to position children in the correct learn to swim position, shoulders level with the water, body tilted forward slightly and arms and legs free to move.

Our Floatsuit conforms to CE safety regulation EN 13138-1:2014.

When using the Floatsuit for the first time it is very important to let your child gain their balance in the suit before releasing their hands. We describe it like learning to ride a bike, it may take some practice for your child to gain their balance.


What do I do if my child is tipping forward in the suit?
If your child is tipping forward whilst wearing the suit it means they have not got their balance whist wearing the Floatsuit. If you have tried practicing with holding their hands and letting go one at a time, it may be providing too much buoyancy for your child. In this case, remove a couple of floats from the middle of the suit making sure you only remove opposite pairs at a time to maintain the balance.

How do I adjust the buoyancy of the suit?
As your child gains confidence in the water, you may want to remove floats to decrease the buoyancy provided by the suit.

Remove floats evenly (front and back) starting at the middle section. Always remove floats in opposite pairs to maintain balance. You will then need to encourage your child to kick and paddle slightly harder after each set of floats is removed.

Is the Floatsuit a life-saving device?
No. The Splash About Floatsuit is designed as a learn to swim product, which helps children gain confidence in the water.

Adult supervision is required at all times when using the Floatsuit.

Do instruction come with the Floatsuit?
A full set of instructions are provided with every Floatsuit order detailing how to use and how to care for the Floatsuit.

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