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Splash About Splash Jammers - Navy Yellow (1 Size)

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Splash About Splash Jammers is a swim pants that provide your child with all the assurance of a Happy Nappy™ in a more grown up and sporty design. The perfect solution for toddlers and older children who are not yet toilet trained but want to look grown up. Made from comfortable, soft neoprene with snug waist and medical grade silicone seals around the thighs, the Jammers will hold in solids, without looking like a swim diaper.

  • Grown up, sporty design while protects against faecal leaks in the pool
  • Specialist fabric at the waist covers the base of the spine, medical grade silicone forms an effective seal on the thigh. 
  • Unique patented design assures accident stays firmly in the jammer and doesn’t leak into the pool.
  • Approved by swim schools
  • Ergonomic form fitting shape
  • Technically designed and made from super soft neoprene for comfort and fit
  • UPF50+ for maximum sun protection.
  • Wear alone or with a Nappy Wrap and Liners (not included) for easy cleaning

Recommended for 2+ years.

The Splash Jammers™ provide all the security of a Happy Nappy™ but in a more grown up, sporty design. Potty training is an exciting time and wearing a swim nappy to swim class can feel like a backward step, but not with Splash Jammers™. Designed to work in the same unique way as the Happy Nappy™, the specialist fabric at the waist covers the base of the spine, whilst medical grade silicone forms an effective seal on the thigh. This ensures that if there is an accident it stays firmly in the jammer and doesn’t leak into the pool.

Designed to minimise the risk of feacal leaks, with an ergonomic form fitting shape, specialist fabric at the waist and medical grade silicone on the thigh. Available in great designs for both boys and girls and manufactured from super soft neoprene for comfort and fit, the Jammers can be worn alone or with Nappy Wrap or Liners (not included).

Size Guide





(Small) 2 – 3 y

44 – 52 cm

24 – 30 cm

25 cm

(Medium) 3 – 4 y

46 – 54 cm

26 – 32 cm

26 cm



How do I know which size to buy?
We always suggest going by the actual measurements of the products rather than the age ranges as these are only a guide. You can access our simple size checker by clicking on 'Check my size' on the product page, then enter your child's measurements and it will recommend the best size.

How do I care for my products?
Unless otherwise stated on the product page all items are hand wash only in cool clean water and leave to dry away from direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or use any detergents.

What is UPF 50+?
UPF is the UV Protection Factor rating which shows how much of the suns harmful rays can pass through the fabric. Using UPF50+ clothing protects against 97% of the sun harmful rays.

What do I use underneath a Happy Nappy?
We recommend the Nappy Wrap and Nappy Liners underneath the Happy Nappy as this helps cleaning of the Happy Nappy if an accident occurs and classes as the 'double layer system' recommended by swim schools. Alternatively you can wear a disposable swim nappy underneath the Happy Nappy.

What is the difference between the original Happy Nappy and the New Improved Happy Nappy?
The New Improved Happy Nappy is designed to be a 3D shape with moulded back panels and specialist fabric on the waist and legs for a better leak free fit.

What is the difference between the Go Splash Swim Vest, Go Splash Float Jacket and the Learn to Swim Float Jacket?
We have 3 different float jackets, all provide the same level of buoyancy. The Holiday swim vest has non-removable flat floats, so is perfect for packing in your suitcase. The Go Splash Float Jacket has 8 removable floats so you can reduce the buoyancy as your child becomes more confident in the water. Finally there is our premium Learn to Swim jacket which has 16 contoured floats in 8 pockets for the greatest adjustability.

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