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Spectra Spare Parts/Accessories (US Version)

Brand Spectra

Spectra Spare Parts/Accessories (US Version)

Brand Spectra
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This product listing contains Spectra Spare Breast Pumps spare parts and accessories (US Version). Use the selection box above to choose Spectra breast pump spare parts and accessories of your choice. 

Please note that some items are sold in 1pc and some in 2pc. Refer to individual listing accordingly. 

Note: Spectra US Version and Local Version products have the same functions, only potential slight variations in packaging or color. 



1 piece tubing replacement part to replace your old tubing if it gets wet or damaged. Never wash or wet this Spectra tubing since it does not come in contact with breast milk. 

WideNeck Breastmilk Storage Bottles:

Set of Spectra bottles for breastmilk storage; pump into a Spectra bottle for convenient and practical storage. Spectra bottles are suitable for the fridge and freezer, making storing your milk a breeze.


  • Valves with Membrane:

    Valve with a membrane made with durable plastic but functions the same as the duckbill valve. This product is used to create suction to draw out breast milk while pumping. The membrane opens and releases during pump cycles, allowing proper connection to the breast.

    This valve and membrane set provides the same functionality as the duckbill valve but with an alternative two-piece design. Replace every 3 to 6 months.

  • Duckbill Silicone Valves:
    White replacement duckbill valve designed to replace the duckbill valve every 3 to 6 months. 

Small Cap Bottle Adaptor:

Converts your narrow-necked bottles with the wide-neck shield, this adaptor allows you to pump directly into your bottle. 

Wide Breast Flange/Shield (4 Sizes): 

Single wide breast shield in small size. It is strategically constructed to provide efficient breast pumping sessions with maximum comfort. This product can be used as a replacement part. 

To obtain the proper suction during pumping, the Spectra Single Breast Shield funnel centers over your nipple to create a seal around the areola. The Spectra Single Breast Shield creates a vacuum to draw the nipple inside the funnel gently, to extract milk. 

Disposable Breast Milk Collection Bags

Pack of 90 pieces milk storage bags with double-lined providing a sturdy and spill-proof structure. Each Spectra Disposable Milk Collection Bag when filled with breastmilk, will stand upright allowing accurate readings from the measurement scale.

After filling a milk bag, Spectra highly recommends labeling each bag with the correct date of which which is located on the front. It is important to remember to leave at least 1 inch of milk from the seal when storing bags in the freezer as breastmilk will expand as it freezes. 

Simple Store Kit (10 Breastmilk Storage Bags + Bottle Connector):

Contains 10 x 200ml breastmilk storage bags and 1 bottle connector to allow mommies to easily, pump, store and feed babies easily. The bottle connects easily connects to a Spectra Flange when pumping, and seamlessly converts a wide nipple connector when choosing to feed directly from the bag. 

This system is convenient for busy moms and prevents any exposure to germs and outside contaminants that are often present when transferring milk from one storage solution to the next. 

All Spectra Milk Collection Bags are double lined and provide a strong seal ensuring leak-free insulation moms can count on. Assembly is intuitive, clean, fast and easy—making it a must for mom and baby!

Simple Store Breast Milk Storage Bags (30 pieces)

Replacement bags for SImple Store Kit

How to Sterilize Spectra Parts


Backflow protector


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