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[Free Handsfree] Spectra S1+ Breast Pump (Local Version)

Brand Spectra
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Spectra S1+ Double Breast Pump is a new compact Hospital Grade double breast pump from South Korea. Spectra breast pumps are the only ones in the world to feature massage (let down) mode to stimulate the milk production. Spectra S1+ is the most adavnced of all Spectra breast pumps.

  • Double-sided electric breast pump (can be used for both single & double pumping)
  • Hospital Grade pump (more durable motor compared to personal use pumps)
  • Closed System - prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
  • Much quieter than traditional electric breast pumps - 42.5dB
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery*
  • 5 Cycle (Speed) & 12 Level Suction Control - a total of 60 combinations
  • 5 Level Massage Control function
  • Suction pressure 320 mmHg+-20%
  • 30 mins Auto Power Off Safety Feature
  • LCD display with Night Light
  • Timer (allows you to measure duration of pumping for specific volume of milk production)
  • Super easy to clean - only the funnels needs to detached and washed after every pumping
  • Lightweight pump 1.12kg
  • BPA free

*Battery life is usually sufficient for 2-3 sessions of 30min each but also depends on user settings (vacuum level, cycle level and period of time in massage mode).

Do note that this is the latest S1+ pump even though that the (English) packaging used for the product may show S1.  You may refer to this link for more information.

Spectra Breast Pump comes with SPRING Singapore “SAFETY MARK” that ensures its power adaptor is safe for using in Singapore.

Note that this is a local set that comes with 2 year warranty by Spectra Singapore. Spectra warranty starts from the date of purchase or baby birth date, whichever is later. 

You can register warranty online at this link (click here).

For warranty that starts from baby birth date, mummies can register their warranty within 21 days of their baby birth date. Please note that the timeframe between the purchase date to baby birth date should not be more than 3 months.


What is in the box:

  • Pump and Power adapter (3 pin plug) (100-240V)
  • 2 x Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) (Size 24mm and 32mm shields can be purchased separately)
  • 2 x Wide neck Bottle (160ml) (extra ones can be purchased separately)
  • 2 x Travel Cap & Collar
  • 2 x Backflow Protector (new version) & Membrane
  • 2 x Tubing
  • 2 x Valve

*Does not come with any teats.

With the innovative invention and thoughtful design for the mummies, including a closed system backflow protector that prevent milk from flowing into pump motor, a safety automatic power- off after 30 minutes system, individually adjustable settings for cycle (speed) and suction, massage (Let Down) mode allowing stimulation of body's let down reflex, double sided pumping to saves so much time with faster milk production, quiet, pumping next to your sleeping baby without disturbing and a 2 level LED lighting that enables you to see the function on the LCD display clearly during the night time. One great thing about this product is it come with a built in battery, mummies do not have to worry about not having power plug.

  • Rechargeable Battery: Inbuilt rechargeable battery allows you to pump on the go with up to 3 hours of pumping time.
  • Double-Sided Pumping: Your Spectra S1 comes with everything you need for double pumping. Expressing from both breasts at once saves you time and better supports milk supply.
  • Letdown Mode: Switch with a touch to letdown mode, which is a light, quick fluttering mode designed to speed the start of milkflow - just the way your baby does.
  • Fully Adjustable Cycle & Vacuum Settings: Touch button controls allow you to easily adjust the cycle and vacuum levels until you find what works best for your body.
  • Night Light: Choose from two different light levels on the Spectra S1’s integrated night light, a feature you will love when pumping at night.

Battery life is usually sufficient for 2-3 sessions of 30min each but also depends on user settings (vacuum level, cycle level and period of time in massage mode), so you can pump on the go. The S1 takes approximately 4 hours to charge. To prolong battery health, we recommend reaching a full charge prior to unplugging the S1. You can pump while the S1 is charging.

Technical Specifications

  • Vacuum Strength 320mmHg
  • Grade Hospital Grade
  • Massage / Letdown Mode Yes
  • Cycle Speed (Expression Mode) 5 Steps between 38 and 54
  • Cycles per Minute (CPM) 38 | 42 | 46 | 50 | 54
  • Cycle Speed (Massage Mode) 70
  • Cycles per Minute
  • Power Mains / Battery
  • Battery Type 1.11V 2000mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery Life 3 hours
  • Watt Hours 24Wh
  • Time to Charge 4 hours
  • Double Pumping Yes
  • Weight 2kg
  • Motor Life 1500 Hours
  • Country of Origin South Korea
  • Certifications CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

Dimensions of pump: 9L x 7.5W x 7.5H in



Spectra S1+

Click here for information on how to sterilise and clean your Spectra parts.


Backflow Protector (New Version)

  1. Backflow Protector Cover is encase by the Backflow Protector Membrane so there is no possibility of milk crossing the membrane to cause backflow. 
  2. Backflow Protector Cover caps on the membrane to ensure a secure fit.

Spectra Backflow Protector Comparison

Please note that the new Backflow Protector Membrane and Backflow Protector is completely different from the old version. Therefore, old Membrane cannot be use in new version Backflow Protector & vice versa. The old version of the membrane is available for purchase here.


We also carry a wide selection of Spectra spare parts and accessories. Alternatively you can purchase premium breast shield set that comes with all accessories in one package.

Use the table below to help you choose the right Spectra Breast Pump for you:

*Please allow a +/-20% variance in Vacuum Strength for all Spectra Breast Pumps. 

ModelDew 350S2S1+S9+M1
Weight 0.99kg 0.99kg 1.1kg 300g 500g
Vacuum strength 350mmHg 300mmHg 320mmHg 300mmHg 300mmHg
Timer No Yes Yes Yes No
Rechargeable Battery
No No Yes Yes Yes
Nightlight No Yes Yes No No
Massage mode for letdown No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grade Hospital Grade Hospital Grade Hospital Grade Personal Use Personal Use
Cycle speed 38rpm 38-54 rpm (5 steps) 38-54 rpm (5 steps) Adjusts with suction Adjusts with suction
Adjustable speed No Yes Yes Adjusts with suction Adjusts with suction

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Customer Questions
Is this a double breast pump? Thanks

Yes. Contents: Spectra S1+ main pump Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) x 2  Wide neck Bottle x 2  Tubing x 2 Disc x 2 Cap x 2 Backflow protector x 2 (New Version) Valve x 2 Power adaptor (3 pin plug)

HiCan i still use my spectra s1 while charging? How long is the estimated charging time?

The S1 can operate on battery power or while plugged in and charging.  The S1 takes approximately 4 hours to charge.

Hi, can the pump be used both in Singapore and in the United States? If possible, How can I get the adapter? Thanks

Yes, the pump's adapter accepts input voltage of 100-240V. Singapore is about 220V. US is about 120V. However, since the adapter is 3-pin (for Singapore), you will require a travel adapter to use in US. Purchase travel adapter from any hardware store...

Can this be charged in japan? Same voltage?

This product has power adaptor (3 pin plug) (100-240V). You would need a universal travel adaptor. You may check if the voltage of your power outlet in Japan falls within 100-240V, it can be used.  

Hi there, could i check if the original spectra S1 comes with a power

It comes with Singapore local power adapter.

Hi!! I know that this says it is a double breast pump but I’m wondering why it’s only one tube and one bottle? Shouldn’t it be two bottles since it’s a double breast pump for both breasts? Sorry, just a bit confused and I’m very keen on purchasing. Thanks!:)

Contents: Spectra S1+ pump unit 2 x Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) 2 x Slow flow teat (S size 0-3 months) 2 x Travel cap + collar 2 x Tubing 2 x Backflow protector & membrane (New Version) 2 x Valve Power adaptor (3 pin plug) (100-...

Can we choose the size of the shield? If not, what size does this come with? 24mm?

The size of the shield is fixed at 28mm. Size 24mm and 32mm shields can be purchased separately.

Hi my Edd is in oct, can I buy it now and register warranty after my baby is born? Or I can only buy it 3 months before Edd?

Yes, the warranty will automatically start from the time baby if born.

Hi Sir/Mdm,Spectra S1+ has cycle mode 70, 54, 50, 46, 42, and 38 (total of 6 frequency modes) But in your description, it was indicated 5 frequency modes. Please clarify the number of modes for this item. Thanks.

According to Spectra, Cycle Speed 70 is massage mode (let down mode), so not being categorised under the 5 Cycle Speed modes.

Do the Dr Brown narrow options + bottles fit to the Spectra S1? Which adaptor is needed?

You can get this Spectra Wide-To-Standard Neck Bottle Adapter (click here)

Hi,Does it come with Teats as above mentioned it does not but under the FAQ Section, it mentioned there will be 2 x Slow Flow Teat. Thanks & Regards,June

No, it no longer comes with teat.

I would like to clarify: if I purchase this 6 months before my baby is born, is the warranty void? Because on your website, it does state that the purchase date and the baby’s birthdate cannot exceed 3 months.

Yes, that is correct, it's the manufacture requirement. :)

Hi. I need a 21mm shield. Where can I purchase this size?
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