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Product Name Kids Version Immuno Forte Liquid Immuno Forte Tabs Extra Defense Regular/Original Baby Drops Baby Powder
Age Group 1-12y 3y+ 4y+ 12y+ 3y+ 6-36m 6-36m
Formulation Liquid Liquid Tablets Liquid Liquid Liquid Powder
Additives Vitamin C Vitamin C (High Concentration) + Zinc Vitamin C (High Concentration) + Zinc Vitamins C, D, B6, Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Betacarotine   Vitamin C Vitamin C and D3


Sambucol is made from extract of black elderberry tree, known for its anti-oxidant properties. Studies have shown that elderberry has measurable effect in treating the flu, alleviating allergies, and boosting overall respiratory health. We carry the UK versions of Sambucol which are slightly different from Australian or US version. Only UK offers kids version suitable for children 1 year old and above and Baby version suitable for babies from 6m+.

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  1. Sambucol Baby Drops 20ml, 6m+ (Exp 09/23)
    Sambucol Baby Drops 20ml, 6m+ (Exp 09/23)
    S$14.90 List Price: S$24.90
  2. Sambucol Extra Defence Liquid, 120ml (12y+) (exp 10/22)
    Sambucol Extra Defence Liquid, 120ml (12y+) (exp 10/22)
    S$16.90 - S$17.90 List Price: S$30.90

12 Items

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