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Plasticine is a type of modeling clay that is oil based, squishable, and non-hardening. Plasticine have been shaped by artists, architects, engineers and children into everything from military maps in both World Wars to models for the first space suit, from aircraft design to dental models and dinosaurs. “You can teach art and geography with it. You can demonstrate carpentry and plumbing. You can roll it, cut it, mold and shape it, and then crush up what you have made and start all over again. No wonder it fascinates people so much that after playing with it as children, they keep the habit for the rest of their lives.” 

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  1. Plasticine FunTUBulous Mini Bucket
    Plasticine FunTUBulous Mini Bucket
    S$9.90 (+10% OFF FOR VIP)
  2. Plasticine 24 Colour Max Set
    Plasticine 24 Colour Max Set
    S$5.90 List Price: S$9.90
  3. Plasticine Toolz Modelling Tool Kit
    Plasticine Toolz Modelling Tool Kit
    S$12.90 List Price: S$17.90
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