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OmieBox re-imagined the lunchbox to make lunchtime healthier and easier for kids and parents. It's easy to fall into a lunch rut and that's where OmieBox comes in - the built-in insulated bowl and the versatile design makes it easy to send a wide variety of yummy, nutritious lunches. What kids eat at lunch matters for their health and well-being, and OmieBox wants to simplify the process as much as possible for parents.

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  1. OmieBox OmieDip, 2pk (2 Colours)
    OmieBox OmieDip, 2pk (2 Colours)
    S$22.90 (+10% OFF FOR VIP)
  2. OmieBox Lid Seals - 5 Colours
    OmieBox Lid Seals - 5 Colours
    S$13.90 (+10% OFF FOR VIP)
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