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Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

Although a baby pouch is a safe way to carry your baby, please take all the same precautions that you would if you were holding him in your arms and exercise common sense. Here are some suggestions:

1. Always check the seams and fabric for any wear and tear before using.

2. Always ensure that baby is resting securely within the fold of the pouch before letting go.

3. Always make sure that baby’s face is visible and there is no fabric covering his/her face when inside the pouch. If your baby seems too small for the pouch and there seems to be a lot of fabric over his face, you can try placing a receiving blanket under baby's upper back to prop him up to the semi inclined postion (approx 45 degrees angle to the horizonal) in the pouch.

4. Always check that baby's chin is not pressed against his/her chest when placed in the cradle carry position as this may restrict airflow. Baby should be lying back in a natural inclined position (approx 45 degrees angle to the horizontal) similar to the position he would be if being cradled in your arms. You should be able to put 2 fingers under baby's chin.

5. While a sling is safe to carry newborn babies, we recommend that you start using the sling only when your baby is above 3.5kg.

6. Always support your baby when leaning or bending over.

7. Practice wearing your baby in a pouch on a soft surface, such as a bed, when he/she is in a good mood.

Exercise common sense caution at all times when wearing your baby as you are ultimately responsible for his/her safety. Pupsik Studio and any of its distributers/retailers will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur from improper use of the pouch

As parents ourselves, Pupsik Studio is commited to producing pouches that are safe to use.  We use one of the strongest threads in the market to sew our carriers and the seams have been tested by a professional body and certified strong enough to carry weights of up to 20kg. We hope that with the proper knowledge of selecting and using a good quality pouch sling, you will be able to reap the benefits if babywearing (click) like many parents and babies have.

If you have any questions regarding the safe use of your pouch sling, please feel free to contact us using this online form.