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Return/Defect/Cancellation Policy

It is ok to change your mind! We will accept the return within 30 days of purchase as long as it meets the Return Conditions stated below.


  1. Item is purchased within 30 days.
  2. Item is brand new, in original condition and NOT been removed from the original packaging it came in.
  3. All original tags/labels/seals attached, intact and unbroken.
  4. Original packaging is undamaged
  5. Safety products (inclusive and not limited to: Car Seats, Strollers, Safety Gates & Extensions, Booster Seats, Child Restraints), and items requiring assembly (inclusive and not limited to: Cots, High chairs, Chairs, Tables, Gates, playyards) cannot be returned.
  6. Item sold under “As Is” or "Open Box" cannot be returned. (As Is – no further discounts, no returns, and no exchanges.)  Items sold under “As Is” or "Open Box" will have a disclaimer on the product page.
  7. Products with expiry date of 6 months or less cannot be returned 
  8. Products that are stated as shipped "from a separate location" on our website cannot be returned


  1. Write to our customer service to request for a return. However, please ensure you have read the full terms and fulfilled all of them before requesting for a return. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for return, just ask our customer service. Click here for the contact form.
  2. Our customer service will reply your e-mail authorising you to send back your item. (Note: Your return is not accepted yet.) 
  3. Print Return Request Form (click below button) and fill it in. Include this form with your return item. 
  4. You may choose to bring the item to us personally or mail it to us. Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges to send the return item to us. We encourage customers to use a trackable delivery service when returning items to us. This allows you to track delivery status of your own return parcel. Pupsik is not able to advise on the delivery status of your return parcel and is not responsible for any delays, loss, or damages due to transit. Pupsik reserves the right to reject return parcels that are damaged or charge a restocking fee in the instances when the item needs to be sent back to our supplier for repacking. Customers are therefore encouraged to take extra care in proof-packing the return item for delivery.
  5. After we have received your return item, we will screen your item for physical damages. (Note: Your return is not accepted yet.)
  6. You will receive an e-mail from us (maximum 7 days) notifying you whether your return has been accepted or rejected. If your return is accepted, refund will be issued to you in the form of store credits which you can use to offset a future purchase with us. Refund amount will be the actual amount you paid for the return item, regardless of price fluctuations. 
  7. Pupsik reserves the right to reject any return item that does not meet our return conditions stated above. If the return item is rejected, customer must collect back the item. You may self-collect, arrange your own courier service, or opt for our courier service. Our courier service is chargeable at a rate of S$6-20 (small to large items).


  1. Free Shipping: If your order value falls below S$60 after the return of the item, your entire order will no longer enjoy Free Shipping. You will be charged a shipping fee of S$4.90 (small items), S$10 (large bulky items such as, but not limited to, playmats, travel cots, highchairs ). This is done by deducting the shipping fee from your store credits earned from your return item. 
  2. Promo Code: If you used a promo code for your order the system will prorate the discount applied to the item when the return is processed.
  3. Reward Points: Any reward points utlitised on order will be returned to your store account when the return is processed
  4. No Exchanges: You can only return the item and then purchase a new one (regular $4.90 shipping fee applies for orders below S$60).
  5. Return Policy on Wearable items: Items with sizes (e.g. clothing, baby slings, etc) can be returned after trying, provided they are a) Purchased within 30 days, b) Unworn, unwashed, c) Brand new, in original condition and packaging and d) All original tags/labels/ packaging seals attached and unbroken.


  1. For items with expiry date, the expiry date will be listed on the product title. This expiry date is indicative only. We sometimes receive stocks with a mixture of expiry dates, therefore you may receive items with expiry date that differ slightly from what is published online. 
  2. If you receive an item with an expiry date that grossly differs from the published one, you may contact customer service for assistance. Returns are accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  3. We may list items near its expiration (less than 6 months). The expiry dates are clearly stated on our website and the items are often priced at a good discount. As such, such items strictly cannot be returned.
  4. Other items have a PAO (period-after-opening) symbol. They have no expiry date. The PAO symbol is depicted by a picture of a container with a number inside (e.g. 3M, 6M, 9M, etc). The item must be discarded by the stated number of months (i.e. 3M – discard item 3 months after opening).
  5. Items with expiry dates purchased during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak cannot be returned.


  1. We do not accept cancellations after an order is placed on our website as the order is sent to our warehouse for immediate processing.
  2. Should you change your mind about an order after placing it, you can return the item back to us under our Returns Policy (see above).
  3. If you reject your parcel upon delivery, you will be charged an administrative/logistic fee of S$15 - 25 (depending on the size of your order). This fee will be deducted from your store credits earned from your return items.


Damaged items refer to damaged to the actual item (not packaging) that is discovered on receipt. While we take care to ensure that the product reaches you in good condition, damages to items do sometimes occur to the packaging especially in transit and does not constitute a defect. However, the product can be returned, should you choose to do so,  and if it meets the criteria of our 30 days return policy.

Please note that additional markings or labels may be applied to the outer product packaging of bulky items during the delivery process. Bulky items with such additional marking and labels on the product packaging are not considered defective. If you are purchasing a bully item as a gift, youi can add this gift message option to your order.

Here are the steps to follow should you receive an item that is damaged in your order: 

  • Notify us within 7 days of receipt either by replying to your order email or by using this contact form (click here). We regret that we are not able to assist if any damage is reported after 7 days of receipt. 
  • Explain the nature of the damage and attach any product and outer packaging photos or videos that might help show the damage and the cause of it (e.g. mishandling during delivery).
  • Our customer service agent will assess the damage and assist in resolving the issue for you as fast as we can.


The placement of the print for products with patterns and prints will vary between the actual product and what you see on our website. This is because the product is usually made from fabric cut from a piece of cloth where the elements of the design are pre-printed, before it is sewn together. As such, it is not possible to ensure that the elements are always in the same position on every product.

Due to difference in your computer display settings, some colour difference between what you see online on your computer/mobile and the actual product may also occur.

Any difference in print placement or colour/shade between what you see online and the actual product does not constitute a defect. We are unable to tend to request for specific print placements on your item. However, the product can be returned, should you choose to do so,  and if it meets the criteria of our 30 days return policy.



 Defective items refer to items that are not functioning as it should or possess a significant cosmetic defect. If you receive an item that is defective, please do the following:

  1. Notify us within 7 days of receipt either by replying to your order email or by using this contact form (click here). We regret that we are not able to assist if any defect is reported after 7 days of receipt. 
  2. Explain the nature of the damage and attach any product photos or videos that might help show the issue.
  3. Set the item aside and do not use it as we may require the item back in the original condition it was received for further evaluation. In some cases, if the defect is complicated, photos and videos sent may be insufficient in demonstrating the defect. You may then choose to send the item to us for evaluation. We will perform tests on the item and/or send it to the supplier to confirm the defect. The replacement will be sent out to you only after the defect is confirmed. Please note that this process will take some time.
  4. Once the new and unused item is confirmed to be a manufacturing defect, a replacement will be arranged.
  5. If the item is used, the issue will be classified as a "warranty" case and the buyer will be referred to the warranty service centre for further assistance. Pls refer to our store policy on warranty claims below.


  1. The buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges back to us.
  2. If the item is considered defective, we will reimburse the shipping charges (up to $5 with a valid receipt). Either a replacement or refund (in event a replacement is not possible) will be issued to you.
  3. If the item is not considered defective (after performing reasonable tests), we will send the item back to you at a charge. You may also self-collect. *The initial shipping charges incurred for sending item back for evaluation will not be reimbursed. 
  4. Pupsik reserves the right to reject any return item (defective or non-defective), if the state (e.g. packaging, item condition) of returned item do not meet our requirements.


  1. By default, all items sold at Pupsik does not come with warranty unless otherwise stated on the product page itself.
  2. For all defects covered under the warranty period, you will be directed to the respective warranty service centre for repairs.
  3. The buyer is responsible for all costs involved in sending the item to the warranty centre for assessment.
  4. If the issue is deemed by the warranty center to be a manufacturing defect, and the item cannot be repaired or replaced, a refund in the form of store credits will be issued to the buyer.