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PolyM Creative Starter Kit (25pc)

Brand Hape
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PolyM Creative Starter Kit is a set of 25 flexible building blocks (including 4 wheels, 1 eye sticker, 1 boy head) for your child to build a structure of his/her imagination. Introducing flexible building blocks for toddlers! Set imaginations free and create a wide range of fun animals and vehicles using easy-build Poly M blocks. Nurture your child´s construction skills and creativity by challenging them to build various shapes and figures. Start with a funny car or an amazing creature and then let your imagination run wild. Endless play opportunities!

  • Includes 25 PolyM bricks, one eye sticker, build instructions and leaflet
  • Blocks have rounded edges perfect for young children 18 months and up
  • Made from a soft material that is flexible and bendable
  • Help develop creativity, strengthen children´s problem solving capabilities and improve social skills
  • All PolyM blocks are compatible with each other
  • Made of hygienically approved premium Polyethylene (LD-PE/HD-PE), a component used in food industry that does not give off any harmful substances
  • Ecological manufacture 100% recyclable plastic
  • Free from phthalates, toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Machine washable
  • Tested in accordance with the international standards of safety
  • Made in Germany

*Contains 25pcs. Refer to box packaging image for included brick components.

Suitable for children aged 18 months and up.

Box dimensions: 9 x 2.9 x 6.8 inches (approx)

PolyM blocks are produced in Germany since the invention in 1980.
We assure you the highest quality of our products. We use premium Polyethylene (LD-PE/HD-PE). It distinguishes especially through its physiologically safe feature. This means Polyethylene does not give off any substances that harm the body. Polyethylene is therefore mainly used in the food industry.

PolyM building bricks are produced in Germany since 1980. Today more than 300.000 kindergartens worldwide educate our children with Poly-M building bricks.

PolyM building bricks are flexible
PolyM blocks are flexible thanks to the use of hygienically approved polyethylene, only high quality construction kits will enter your little darlings' room.
PolyM building bricks are not only produced in an ecologically friendly way, but they are made from 100% recyclable plastic - containing neither phthalates nor toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Toys from PolyM are washable
PolyM blocks are washable with 30° Celsius or 86° Fahrenheit. Put your Poly-M blocks in a pillowcase, which will work as a buffer so there would be no damage to your washing machine. We recommend washing your blocks twice a year.

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