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Increase Breast Milk

A mother's milk supply may diminish if she's not feeding her baby often enough because of nipple pain, a lethargic nurser, or a poor latch-on technique. Stress from work, insufficient rest, can also can also contribute to the reduction the supply of breast milk. In all of these cases, traditional advice of feeding or expressing more often might simply not work. Food supplements offered here by Pupsik Studio can provide that one badly needed extra helping hand in bringing you milk supply to a level required for healthy growth and well-being of your baby.

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  1. LaVie Warming Lactation Massager Pads
    LaVie Warming Lactation Massager Pads
    S$119.00 (+10% OFF FOR VIP)
  2. Earth Mama Milkmaid Tea (exp 03/25)
    Earth Mama Milkmaid Tea (exp 03/25)
    S$10.90 - S$11.50 List Price: S$13.90
  3. LaVie Lactation Massager Roller
    LaVie Lactation Massager Roller
    S$28.90 (+10% OFF FOR VIP)
  4. Haakaa Lactation Breast Massager
    Haakaa Lactation Breast Massager
    S$55.92 List Price: S$69.90
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