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Checklist for New Moms

Are you expecting a baby or did you just become a new parent? Congrats! However, you might have an overwhelming concern of "which stroller should I use" or "how do I increase breast milk". No worries as we are here to help! This is Pupsik's comprehensive checklist that will make your day easier!


First off, most mums who do breastfeeding consider it essential to be able to express and store milk for later feeding. You will need these:

  1. Breast Pump. You can choose between Double Breast Pumps and Single Breast Pumps. Double allows you to express 2 times quicker but Single is more affordable. You can also consider getting Hands Free Solution if you want to multitask while expressing milk! These consists both of add-ons to regular pumps and (just recently_ new type of wearable pumps - an ultimate handsfree solution.
  2. Breast Milk Storage. Breast milk can be stored in either Milk Storage Bags or Bottles. Bags are for one-time usage while Bottles can be used on multiple occasions. We even have Freezer Storage Containers where you can store and freeze your breast milk in smaller portions. althrought these are not as popular as bags or bottles. Most importantly, you can try Milk Storage/Feeding Bottles - many of these allow pumping directly into bottles and then attaching a teat to feed - just be careful to choose the correct neck size that is compatible with your pump.
  3. Breast Pump Accessories. We also offer both Breast Pump Parts and Hands Free Pumping Parts as complementary tools to your breast pumps. 
  4. Sterilizers. These Sterilizers help to clean and remove breast milk residuals in breast pumps, as well as any harmful bacteria. Essential for newborns and until age of 6m. You can choose between steam sterilizers, UV sterilizers, microwaves ones. We even have cold water sterilizers essential when you are traveling.
  5. Bottle Warmers become essential once you strat expressing and freezing milk.
  6. Nursing Wear. A Nursing Bra or Top is indispensable as it makes breastfeeding convenient when you are on the go. You can also consider a Nursing Cover/Poncho which gives you more privacy when you breastfeed in public. 
  7. Nursing Pads. We sell Disposable and Washable kinds that help to absorb leaking breast milk.
  8. Nursing Pillows. Breastfeeding is a back-breaking activity, so you really need one of these. There are Maternity-Nursing Pillows and Pregnancy Pillows to choose from. Both products can be used during pregnancy for better sleep and after childbirth for breastfeeding.
  9. Your nipples are guaranteed to hurt, so buy at least one Nipple Cream or Breast Protector.
  10. Some moms will struggle with milk supply, so they might need one of these ways to increase milk supply. These consist of various supplements, teas, and even lactation massagers that not only increase milk supply but also clear engorgements.


It can get messy when it comes to diapering. This is why you need these tools to help you organise and clean up:

  1. Diapers. You can choose between disposable ones do not require washing, the cloth ones can be stretched to accommodate your baby's growing size. We rarely carry these as they are readily available in grocery stores. 
  2. Changing Table to change diapers at home.
  3. Baby Wipes for cleaning the bum. Another must have.
  4. Newborn babies very often develop very painful diaper rash, so please stock up on some Diaper Rash Cream.
  5. Diaper Changing Mats or Pads. Mats are for changing on the go or Pads are for nursery. 
  6. Diaper Disposal. Used diapers stink if you just throw them in a normal bin, so consider these Diaper Disposal Tools to make disposing diapers easier and also help to keep your environment clean. 


What better way to bond and be close to your newborn than to use these items: 

  1. Pupsik Pouch Slings. Our very own best-selling Pouch Slings are either Adjustable or Fixed-Size. The Adjustable Sling can be used easily by both parents while the Fixed-Size sling is lightweight and less bulky. All slings are suitable for newborns.
  2. Soft Structured Carriers. You can choose between Regular Cotton Carriers or Mesh Carriers that are more popular in the hot weather as its fabric is breathable and lightweight
  3. Carrier Accessories. Note that not all carriers can be used from birth, Some require Infant Inserts to keep your baby from slumping. But this is now becoming rarity and almost all newly launched carriers can be used from birth without a need for infant insert.

Going Out

When you are out and about, these items ensure the safety of your child:

  1. Strollers. You can consider a multi-functional stroller designed for both infants and toddlers and your child will be able to use it over a long period. Or if you prefer something simpler, you can purchase a Stroller just for infants. 
  2. Car Seats. The Infant Car Seat is an essential piece of child safety equipment if your are planning to drive. Do not hold infant in your hands while in the car - this is agaist the law.
  3. Diaper Bags. We offer a variety of bags which ranges from the typical Bags and Bags specifically for Dads to Diaper Backpacks that provide greater ease when carrying. Must have for stylish new Mom!
  4. Sun and Bug Protection. When going out, apply Sunscreen and Insect Repellant that are suitable for your baby's skin.


A good hygiene practice goes a long way! Find out how you can achieve it:

  1. Baby Hair/Body Wash. We have a lot of choices! Some of these can be used both on hair and body, while for older kids we sell separate shampoos and body washes.
  2. Bath Tubs and Seats. These Bath Tubs have varying designs for home and travel usage. Add it on with additional safety accessories such as Bath Thermometers and Safety Equipment
  3. Healthcare. You will need one of each of these: Thermometers, Fever Treatments, Medicine Feeder, Nasal Aspirators, and Nail Trimmer.
  4. Home and Laundry Cleaners. Get the right Baby-Safe Laundry Detergent and Baby-Safe Cleaners, Sanitizers, Dish Liquids to remove tough baby stains. Those you see in the shops might not be suitable for baby.


Get the tools required when feeding your baby:

  1. Milk Feeding Bottles. You will need these whether you plan to breastfeed or use formula. Ensure these come with newborn teats, or buy Teats separately.
  2. Milk Bottle Cleaning. Milk Bottle Brush and Soap are other essentials to have when cleaning up after feeding. To complement, Drying Racks have high capacity to dry numerous bottles and accessories in one go. 
  3. Insulation. For working mothers, Generic Insulated Bags could be ok to keep milk cool over long hours while you are at work but we highly recommend using specialized Breastmilk Cooler Bags for this.
  4. Babies will vomit out a bit of milk after every feed, so you will need a Baby Bib.


As your newborn will be sleeping more than 16 hours a day, these items are of the best quality in ensuring a peaceful sleep:

  1. Swaddles. All newborns like to be swaddled. This will make them feel calmer and more secure. You can use traditional swaddles or try newer type swaddle wraps. Sleeping bags could also be useful, but maybe for older kids.
  2. Bed. Your baby needs a comfortable Crib, Bassinet or Cot Bed to have a good night sleep. Loungers or sleep positioners are especially popular right now!
  3. Pillows and Bolsters. You can choose either Baby Pillows or Infant Pillows. Both help to prevent Flat Head Syndrome but Baby Pillow can be used for a longer period while Infant Pillow is only suitable for newborns.
  4. Bed Sheets and Sleep Covers. Check out the different sizes of Bed Sheets that we offer.
  5. Mattresses and Mattress Protectors. Finding the right Mattress is also vital as it can give your baby a peaceful night sleep! Note that some cots and cribs already come with a mattress, so you might not need this.