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Neat Solutions Table Topper (60pcs)

Neat Solutions Table Topper (60pcs)

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Neat Solutions Table Topper is an award winning 'Little Sheet of Neat' that protects your little one from germs when dining out! This table topper sticks securely in place with adhesive on all four corners and provides on-the-go protection from germs, dirt & cleaning chemicals on restaurant and food court tables.

Simply dispose of each one after use - a convenient solution that saves you from having to clean up! Neat Solutions Table Topper is the perfect solution to keep your child both entertained and protected from germy surfaces while keeping parents happy with the convenience!

Each pack comes with 60 disposable toppers.

Neat Solutions Table Topper

Why we love this product:

  1. Conveniently disposable and easily stick-on placemat -  great for protecting children from germy tables when eating out!
  2. Large surface area of 12" x 18"!
  3. Entertaining for young kids while waiting!


"Easy to use and stays in place well! Keeps restaurant tables clean to eat off and we worry less about germs." - Sarah

"These are a must have when taking your little one out to eat. There is adhesive on all four sides and they stick to the tables well. I like this because my daughter is still young enough that we put her food in front of her on the table (not on a plate because she will toss it) and a lot of tables at restaurants/ fast food places are not properly cleaned between users. This is a quick and cheap way to not worry about cleaning the table." - Lily

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