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Milestone Baby Cards

Milestone Baby Cards

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Milestone Baby Cards are beautifully illustrated development cards to help capture all the development milestones of your baby’s first year. Created by Dutch mom Gemma Broekhuis, these cards help keep all those precious milestone memories crisp and fondly documented. This set of 30 cards come in a gift box and are made in The Netherlands using eco friendly certified paper and Vega-Fast ink: a special printing ink based 100% on vegetable oils. 

Dimensions: H 15.5 x W 11 cm

Why we love this product:

  1. Allows you to capture your baby, the milestone and the date all in one beautiful image!
  2. Illustrated by popular designer Beci Orpin
  3. Cards are made from eco friendly certified paper!


"Love these! They make such a great gift too. I got given them by a relative and I now buy them for my friends. Such a memorable gift that you can use to take lovely pics of your little one. I just wish I had them for my first child!" - Jacinta

"What an excellent idea! Everyone I know who has gotten these cards loves them! It's a wonderful way of making memories and a unique gift idea." - Maria



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