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Pupsik Studio VIP Membership Program

Once you create an account on Pupsik and spend $200 (in one order or accross several orders), your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP and you will be entitled on 10% off all regular priced products (products that are not already discounted at our store. 

Continue shopping and spend $1000 in total to qualify for an upgrade to VVIP membership, which in addition to 10% off also entitles you to a higher rate of earning for reward points (see our loyalty reward page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a VIP?

Spend $200 and above within 3 months. Your spending does not have to be from a single order.


How to become a VVIP?

Spend $1000, no time limit.


How to know if I have been upgraded to a VIP/VVIP member?

You should receive an automated email message that confirms your VIP/VVIP upgrade.


What are the benefits for being a VIP/VVIP?

Enjoy 10% discount for all regular-priced items.Bonus: Sometimes, you get priority in choosing timeslots for our Jujube Trunk Shows, or get earlier access to our online new launches. (VVIP will get a head start over VIP)

"Bronze" VIP/Regular customers: $1 spent = 2 point earned, 

"SILVER" VVIP*: $1 spent = 3 points earned

"GOLD" VVVIP**: $1 spent = 4 points earned

*Spend a combined purchase of $1k+ to qualify for VVIP
**Spend a combined purchase of $10k+ to qualify for VVVIP


What are regular-priced items?

Regular-priced items are items that are not on discount. 10% VIP discount is only applicable to regular-priced items. 


How to know if it’s a regular-priced item?

If you see (+10% OFF FOR VIP) message in red under item price, it is a regular-priced item and VIP discount can be applied.

If you do not see this message, it means the product is already on discount and no further VIP discount is applicable.

Note: when regular-priced product go on sale, they will no longer qualify for 10% off.


How is VIP discount applied? Do I need to enter any discount code?

No, there is no need to enter any discount code. Once you login into your account, the prices of the applicable products will change to reflect the discount. "MEMBER'S PRICE" will also be indicated next to the discounted prices.


How long does VIP/VVIP membership last?

Pupsik VIP membership is a lifetime membership and has no expiration date.