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Manduca Duo Baby Carrier is both a baby carrier and a baby sling. Optimized to carry the baby on your front, the manduca Duo is the perfect hybrid and unites the emotional proximity of the baby sling and the most advanced safety features of the soft structured baby carrier.

  • Clip system on each side for quick installation.
  • Hip belt which helps holding baby's weight during carrying is removable via zipper.  
  • Can be removed for moms coming out of Cesarean to avoid rubbing on the scar and bring an even better comfort.
  • Aluminum rings for adjusting the sling fabric with finger guards when loosening.
  • Comfortable and wide shoulder straps
  • Integrated head support for sleeping children and neck support for newborns
  • "M" position guaranteed

Recommended for babies 0+ months up to 15kg.

With two transport methods and a unique system of clips, the Manduca Duo will be the first choice for all parents who want to enjoy all the benefits of a sling but do not want to do without comfort, safety and the flexibility of a baby carrier.
  • Click&tie system: with special Duo Clip at the shoulder straps for quick and easy use
  • Removable waist belt: allows babywearing without belt (ideal for the first months)
  • manduca Duo safety seat (slip through protector) ensures instant safe positioning of the baby
  • M-Position: your baby automatically slides into the recommended M-Position (spread-squat-position)
  • Special safety seat to prevent baby from slipping through (sling fabric firmly sewn to the carrier system)
  • Safety tested aluminium sling rings to adjust the fabric with millimetric precision – ensuring baby’s perfect positioning in the sling
  • Flexible back cross construction with adjustable straps for an optimum fit of the carrier system and an ideal weight distribution
  • State of the art materials such as 3D Mesh provide extra carrying comfort.
  • For small and big babies: sling fabric adjustable in height– thanks to steplessly adjustable drawstrings
  • Made with natural fibres: sling fabric and shoulder straps made of organic cotton
  • Woven, bicolor baby sling fabric (cross twill made of organic cotton)
  • High quality, all materials tested for harmful substances.

  • Usable from birth (3.5kg) to 15 kgs, with front carry only.
  • Ultra practical, if baby has fallen asleep: no need to remove baby completely from the scarf, just remove the clips and undo the baby carrier from the top to allow the second wearer to "thread" it quickly.
  • The height of the carrier can be changed with a fully adjustable system.
  • All materials have been rigorously tested and are free of any harmful substances.

  • Woven broken twill weave fabric (193 g / m2, 100% organic cotton certified GOTS)
  • Padding: 100% polyester
  • Filling of the waist belt: 100% polyurethane


  • Adjustable waist belt: from 67 cm to 150 cm
  • Size: 34 cm / 22 cm / 12 cm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lbs)

Washing Instructions

Machine wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent, do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean



Your baby is about to arrive and you dream of wearing your little one from the very first day – preferably in a baby sling? Only, you worry about tying the sling with all its long pieces of fabric? If this whole knot-tying thing seems just too complicated, or if tying simply takes too long for you and your baby, we now have a solution for you that will make you totally happy: manduca Duo – the ideal combination of baby sling and baby carrier. Designed to get you ready to wear your baby in no time.

Duo click&tie system: quick and easy

The Duo click&tie system allows for putting on the carrier in two steps: First, you slip into the carrier system and adjust the straps for optimum fit – all this in peace and quiet, without the child. Enjoy instant comfort thanks to the soft shoulder straps, the flexible back cross and the state-of-the-art materials such as the 3D mesh.


Duo Clips

With the special Duo Clips and the preshaped baby sling with leg openings you can position your baby quick and easily. And you know what? As soon as you have closed the clips, your baby is safe. This safety is also ensured by the special safety seat (slip through protector) with the fabric sling being firmly sewn to the system. Speaking of safety: Please make sure to always use the product safely. 


Good Support for Baby

Your baby’s back will be well supported by the sling fabric and thanks to the double rings the sling tails can be tightened and finetuned with milimetre accuracy. The carrrying position is thus optimized and your baby will sit perfectly in the M-Position – the spread-squat position which is recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedists.


Babywearing from Birth and after C-Section

The manduca Duo is ideal for you in the first weeks after having given birth, because thanks to the removable waist belt you can wear the manduca Duo also without the belt. The clever weight distribution with the innovative adjusting system makes it possible! Like this, also mothers who had a cesarian section may wear their baby with the manduca Duo, because there won’t be any pressure placed on their stomach and scar. Still: please do not rush your body and only start babywearing when you feel comfortable.


*Important: For pre-term, low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, please seek advice from a health professional before using this product.

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