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LEC 99.9% Pure Water Newborn Baby Wet Wipes (Thick), 2x60=120pc

Brand LEC
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LEC 99.9% Pure Water Newborn Baby Wet Wipes are wet wipes to use on baby's delicate buttocks when changing their diapers. Baby's skin is particularly sensitive, a little irritation will easily cause baby's skin to turn red or become dry. This wet wipes will provide comfort and no irritation to baby's tender skin.

  • 99.9% pure water, dry and not sticky. 
  • SGS certification: Alcohol-free, Paraben-free preservatives, formaldehyde and fluorescent agents are not added, mild and not irritating. 
  • Extra thick, so that the newborn soft wipes more convenient 
  • 99.9% high water content, used for the hand mouth, cheeks, body safe to use 
  • Add hyaluronic acid ingredients, the baby skin moisturizing. 
  • Sealing off line design, do not use the stickers, easy to extract. 
  • The latest clean room automation factory production, strict hygiene control.

Product Contains:

  • 2 Pack x LEC 99.9% Pure Water Newborn Baby Wet Wipes, 60pc = 120pc



This product is a JDM product – manufactured specifically for Japan Domestic market and usually regarded by consumers to be of superior quality compared to Japanese products made for export. All packaging are in Japanese.

Posterior wiping (Thick)
Size: approx 180 x 150 mm Material: Rayon, Polyester 
Component: Water, Benzalkonium Clide, BG, Propyl Nitrate of Butyl Carbamic Acid, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate


[Infant skin thickness is 1/2 of adult] 

Compared to the adult baby's skin is relatively fragile. Infant skin is less resistant to irritation, so use wet towels that are as close to pure water as possible and less irritating are best for infants.


[Thick wet tissue that can be used with care when baby is soft.] 

Neonates are often soft, so many mums often experience touch when wiping. If the baby was crying while washing hands, it was really headache. 
To have such troubled mothers, pure water 99.9% Japan made wet tissue (thick) of 
course, 99.9% pure water, not only for the ass, even the mouth, cheeks to the body can be used peace of mind. 
Do not use Paraben preservatives and alcohol and other ingredients, the baby's skin zero burden.

[Reliable Factory] 

This product is produced by I-PLUS in a clean room in our own factory in Shikoku, Japan. Because it is used for the baby's skin products, so completely strict hygiene control, fully automated process, from production to packaging did not come into contact with the human hand, of course, the use of foreign body detection camera, metal detector, weight check, Maintain high quality.


Intimate seal line design

In order to help the baby hand to change diapers, and the other hand to take wet wipes, the packaging seal often sticky makes it hard to extract the wet wipes. Intimate design line, allows the seal to not stick to your hand so easily. Therefore easy to extract, super convenient!


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