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Galt Toys Marble Run Reactions

Galt Toys Marble Run Reactions

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Galt Toys Super Marble Run consists of a collection of brightly coloured pieces in different shapes (includes chutes, vortex, slalom, rope swing, paddle wheel, drums and much more!) to build together into a marble run, plus 7 marbles. An exciting construction set to create fascinating chain reactions! Challenge yourself to build a chain of fun obstacles for your marbles. Watch your marble swirl around the vortex, send paddle wheels spinning, knock over dominoes and jump from drum to drum to raise the finish flag! Building a variety of challenging marble run structures will provide many hours of fun. Children will enjoy devising a variety of routes for the marbles to roll along as they descend to a home base.

  • Contents: 34 tubes, 10 bases, starter top, vortex, ramp, support bar, rope swing, paddle board, spiral base, chute, curve, paddle wheel, paddle wheel chute, slalom, domino track, 4 dominoes, 2 drum bases, 2 drum covers, marble catcher, finish, flag, 7 marbles, chain reaction ideas sheet and guide.
  • Brightly colored pieces in different shapes (chutes, vortex, slalom, rope swing, paddle wheel, drums and much more)
  • Using the chain reaction ideas sheet, following the numbered images to build each tower and obstacle
  • Once you have mastered the marble run, mix up the pieces and have hours of fun constructing your own chain reactions
  • A hands on way to learn about cause and effect and introduces forces and energy
  • Fully compatible with all Galt Marble Runs
  • Quality controlled to meet the highest standard
  • Rigorously tested against toy safety regulations

Recommended for 4+ years.

Retail Pack: 11 x 16 x 3 in

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