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Galt Toys Learn to Read Activity Case

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Galt Toys Learn to Read is a suitcase set that includes 15 cards with reading exercises, 90 colourful letter blocks, altogether providing 90 exercises at 3 different levels! Furthermore, the game is self-corrective because of the special backs of the letter blocks. The blocks will only fit if it is right! So, if it doesn’t fit, you will need to try again! A fantastic activity to support children to develop their reading and literacy skills from the very beginning.

  • Suitcase set includes 90 letter tiles and 15 cards with 90 exercises on 3 different levels of difficulty
  • Encourages letter and word recognition, builds spelling awareness and increases vocabulary
  • Help your child to develop their reading and literacy skills with this fun and exciting set
  • Each number tile will allow your child to 'self-correct', due to the colour and special back of the tiles which will only fit in the right place
  • Children can practice independently thanks to self-correcting tiles
  • As your child grows in confidence, they can tackle trickier levels 
  • Ideal for travel, all cards can be neatly packed away in the handy carry case


Suitable for ages 5 and up.

One of the things children will do when they start school is to learn to spell and read. This set is designed to support children’s early years by making it as fun as possible.

With over 90 different activities suitable for 3 different levels of learning, this Learn To Read set has plenty to keep your little one entertained. It supports early reading and literacy skills, helping to prepare kids for school as they grow older.

The game is self-correcting because of the special backs of the letter blocks so your little one will know when to try again if the piece does not fit. 


How does it work?

Open the suitcase and place a card on the yellow side or ‘playing field’ of the suitcase. Start with level 1. Look at the picture and the word below it. The colour on the blocks next to the picture help indicate which row you need to look to for the letter. Create the word using the letter blocks.

Level 2 is a bit more challenging as there is a missing letter in the word below the picture. Allowing children to practice spelling words.

At Level 3, children will need to look at the picture and spell and sound out the entire word.

Furthermore, you can remove the exercise card and use the yellow playing field to spell our words by yourself. The grooves ensure the letters align.

Everything can be neatly stored in the suitcase, keeping all the pieces safe and making it ideal for to taking it along with you on your travels and days out.

Finally, this brilliant educational resource is suitable from age 5 years.

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