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Galt Ambi Toys Pop-Up Pals

Galt Ambi Toys Pop-Up Pals

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Galt Ambi Toys Pop-Up Pals is a whack-a-pal pounding toy. Hammer or tap the button with your hand or the included mallet and watch the matching coloured figure pop up. The harder you hammer the button, the higher the figure rises. Hammer with all your might and your pal will pop up and out! The coloured pals are removable and can be rearranged – mix and match the colour pals to different buttons for more fun. 

  • Pounding toy includes a mallet, bench and 4 coloured pals
  • Tap a button with the mallet and the matching coloured pal pops up
  • The harder you hammer, the higher it goes
  • Coloured pals are removable so you can rearrange the colours around the bench
  • Bright colors and high contrast, raised rims around the openings facilitate taking the pals in-out
  • Toddlers refine motor skills and solidify their understanding first of in-and-out, then of color matching. 
  • Develops cognitive and motor skills, including hand grasp, manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination, and encourages imaginative play.
  • Length: 8 in

Recommended for 18+ months.

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