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Tiny Bites Food Shears

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The Tiny Bites Food Shears (Scissors) is an award-winning innovative and fun solution that is designed to easily and efficiently slice and dice food, at home or on the go! Made from cutlery-grade stainless steel blades, these parent-invented portable kitchen scissors can also quickly cut through other favourite foods including pizza, chicken, pasta, grilled cheese, sandwiches, pancakes, fruit, vegetables and much more! What's more, it is BPA-free, lead-free and dishwasher-safe! Comes in a package of two scissors, one for home and one for when you are on the go!


Why Parents love them?

  • Easily turns choking hazards into safe bite-sized pieces (hot dogs, grapes, etc)
  • Cutlery-Grade Stainless Steel Blades (same blades as a knife)
  • Child-Proof Protective Blade Cover
  • Creates perfect bite-sized pieces
  • Unique on-blade inch ruler to measure each bite
  • Handles and protective blade covers are made from ABS plastic
  • Diswasher Safe
  • Lead Free
  • BPA Free
  • Reduces food preparation time for kids


Why not just use a knife or a regular pair of scissors?

There's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned knife but have you ever tried to cut up a grape for an older infant with a knife? Or penne pasta? It's pretty darn annoying. As for ordinary scissors, we used to use cute, colourful ones but we realized the dull blades leave a metallic after taste but they are much larger to hold and too cumbersome and awkward to travel with. So, the Tiny Bites Food Shears was invented for specific reasons. Plus, this comes with a protective blade cover making it child-proof and pocket-friendly. There's another cool and neat feature which is called the comfort cutting spring (yellow lever). When you have to cut food that requires additional tension, you can raise the cutting spring lever up for some extra support. Make sure to lower it back after you are done and before placing the blade cover.



Winner of The National Parents Center - Seal of Approval - 2010

Winner of The Mom's Choice Awards - 2010


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