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Fisher Price DIY Tool Belt

Fisher Price DIY Tool Belt

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Fisher Price DIY Tool Belt is a pretend DIY toy kit consisting of a fabric tool belt has convenient storage slots for all their tools, including a pretend hammer, screwdriver, a cool saw that makes sounds as it 'cuts,” and a real working, retractable fabric measuring tape. It even comes with a fabric doughnut to reward your preschooler for a job well done. Whether you're tinkering in the garage or working on a home improvement project, your favorite assistant will be right by your side with cool tools of their own! ​Your little builder will have a blast 'fixing” things around the house with the Fisher-Price® DIY Tool Belt role play set. 

  • ​Role play tool belt with pretend tools
  • ​Fabric tool belt has plastic compartments to hold tools in place
  • ​Real working, soft measuring tape retracts into container
  • ​Pretend hammer, screwdriver, and saw with real wooden handles, and soft doughnut
  • ​Gift-ready package is perfect for storage, too!

Suitable for kids ages 3 year and up.

Developmental Guidelines:

Fine Motor- When children attach and remove the belt, pull on the measuring tape, and manipulate the other tools during play, they are working on their dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills.

Imaginative Play- Children can use their imaginations during play with the play pieces as they tell stories and play out various scenarios.

Occupations- Children can explore occupations that may use a tool belt with such tools as the hammer, saw, measuring tape, and screwdriver to get the job done.

What will they build next?
With a tape for measuring, a saw to “cut,” and a hammer and screwdriver to fit everything together, the Fisher-Price® DIY Tool Belt gives kids all the tools they need to build and repair all sorts of pretend projects.

Real wood handles on saw, screwdriver, and hammer

Soft, retractable measuring tape

Gift-ready package (Great for storage, too!)
Making the “real world” real fun
Sure, your preschooler is probably the one who broke the thing in the first place, but now they can run to grab their tools to help “fix” it too! Fisher-Price® role play toys let preschoolers use their imaginations to act out different stories they see in everyday life…except way more fun. And while their imagination takes the play to new heights, your tiny pretender is working out their big-kid skills, like sharing and taking turns, and getting ready to be a super-cool person…just like you!
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