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Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extension (3 sizes)

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Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extensions can be added to the Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate or Dreambaby Liberty Xtra Wide Hallway Gate, to extend the width for extra-wide openings, a perfect way to add safety and security to your childproof home.

  • Compatible with Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate or Dreambaby Liberty Xtra Hallway Gate
  • 2 Extensions may be used per gate, 1 on each side
  • This extension will expand the gate an extra 3.5", 7" or 10.5"
  • 3 sizes available: 9cm (3.5"), 18cm (7") and 27cm (10.5")
  • Height: 30 inch
  • Blends seamlessly with the gate
  • Measure the opening before deciding on your Dreambaby® safety gate and extensions 

Recommended for babies 6+ months.

Extensions add versatility and many extra uses to safety gates. Extensions allow you to use gates all around the home, including in areas with wider openings. This adds extra safety for your young ones. Of course, not all hallways or stairways fit gate measurements - using an extension means that this does not jeapordise the security of your child, even in rooms which require a much longer partition.

Safety gates are a very important part of at-home safety. They provide safe and secure boundaries for your child, preventing them from entering potentially dangerous or unsupervised areas of the home.

  • Measure the opening before deciding on your Dreambaby® safety gate. 
  • Simply attach the extension to your gate before installing



This item is non-returnable.

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Customer Questions
Can I just buy the extension only.

Yes, you can buy the extension only. Note that you need the safety gate in order to install the extensions. 

My width is 102cm at the bottom and 106cm on top. Should I get the 18cm or 27cm extension? Would the 27cm extension be too wide for the bottom?

You can get this gate Dreambaby Liberty Xtra Gate (click here). No extensions needed since your width (102-106 cm) falls within thie adjustable widths of the gate. 

I bought a dream baby gate from you a while back, model L854. I would like to use it in an entrance of 118cm — which extension and how many should I get?

You can get this extension: Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extension (click here) You can either get 2x 18cm extensions or 1x 9cm and 1x 27cm extensions.

Hi, I have a 144cm door. If I get the gate + 2 x 18cm extensions, that's exactly 144cm. Can you confirm that will work or is there another configuration I should use?

Yes, it should work.

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