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DockATot Deluxe+ Plus Baby Lounger - Pristine White

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DockATot Deluxe+ Baby Lounger is the ultimate Stage 1 docking station for your baby ages 0-8 months old. Multifunctional and multitasking, the DockATot® Deluxe+ offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. Deluxe+ docks are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. 

  • Offers a snug and soothing environment for babies like mother's womb
  • Facilitates Tummy Time
  • Made in the EU with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, ensuring the best micro-climate
  • Resting, bonding, playing, nursing and diaper changing product 
  • Provides easy portability with a compact design
  • Designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers with non-toxic properties.

Recommended for babies 0-8 months.

This product comes with 1 year warranty. No warranty for wear and tear.

The innovative design helps the baby feel snug and secure. When baby gets bigger, you can open the buckle on the dock.

Deluxe+ docks are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel.


Reinventing the Womb
DockATot has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. Many babies prefer a nurturing, cozy surrounding that mimics the mother’s womb.


DockATot is made in the EU with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that do not harbor heat. This ensures that the micro-climate (space directly affecting their surroundings) is the best possible for baby.


Facilitates Tummy Time
DockATot is the ideal spot to have tummy time with your little one. When baby is awake and ready to play with you, the rounded sides help to prop up your baby when placed under his/her arms. Tummy time can help babies develop neck strength and motor skills. It is important to closely supervise your baby during tummy time.


One of the most amazing aspects of the DockATot is its ability to serve so many purposes. When you purchase a DockATot, you're actually getting a resting, bonding, playing (with the addition of toy accessories), nursing and changing product in one stylish package. DockATot is one of the most used baby items and provides easy portability with a compact design that makes it easy to move around the house or anywhere you travel.


Travel Friendly
The DockATot is an ideal travel companion for moms with babies and toddlers, as it maintains familiarity in a new environment. (*Travel bag NOT INCLUDED)



Care Instructions

Each piece of the dock is washable, and care instructions are below for each piece (for more detailed instructions please refer to the label on the bottom of your dock cover).  We do not recommend using bleach on any part of your dock - stain remover is preferred.

  • Outer Cover: Machine wash in cold water inside a garment bag and hang to air dry (to help avoid color bleeding for covers with prints, be sure to immediately hang to dry after machine cycle is finished and ensure there are no folds or overlapping when drying).  Do not tumble dry.  Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean.  
  • Pad: Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.  Do not tumble dry.  Do not iron. Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean.
  • Inner Sleeve: Machine wash in cold water and hang to air dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean.
  • Inner Tube:  The tube rarely needs washing, shaking and ventilating are usually enough.  If washing the tube, machine wash in cold water inside a garment bag and then tumble dry on low heat only.  You can shake or fluff to redistribute the filling as necessary.  If still damp, lay flat to dry.  Do not iron. Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean.


  • Baby Weight: 5-22 lbs.
  • Measurements (whole product): 18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long (29 inches with buckles open and 34 inches with them closed) x 6 inches thick
  • Measurements (space baby sleeps): 8" wide, 24" long buckled, 29" long unbuckled 
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs

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