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Cuchen UV Sterilizer - Red

Brand Cuchen
S$499.00 List Price: S$749.00 You Save: S$250 (33%)
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Cuchen UV Sterilizer (U.P. $749) is now $599, save $150!

Cuchen UV Sterilizer is a sterilizer that sterilizes your washed breast pump/baby bottle parts using UV technology. This is the FIRST UV Sterilizer to come with Medical Grade UV LED on top of the usual 2 UV lamps. This enables more thorough sterilizing with no hidden corners. The is also FIRST UV Sterilizer that comes with alert indicators to remind you to replace your UV lamps and LED!

  • Comes with SG Safety Mark Plug,
  • One-touch easy operation!
  • Super Mirror Stainless Steel on All Siz Sides for 360 degrees Sterilization.
  • Hive Like STS Walls achieves Zero Blind Spot through Diffuse Reflection.
  • Special Rack for Intensive Sterilization for Nipples.
  • Enhanced Durability with Increased Thickness of the Walls.
  • Guaranteed Storage Space and Efficient Sliding Racks.
  • Comes with Door Rack for sterilizing accessories like cutlery.
  • 4 modes of operation: Drying, Sterilizing, Storage and Ventilation
  • Auto mode that runs all 4 modes of operation
  • Alert messages to remind you to replace your UV lamps or LED
  • Fit up to 18 Bottles
  • Comes with Door Rack for sterilizing accessories like cutlery

Cuchen UV Sterilizer comes with SPRING Singapore “SAFETY MARK” that ensures its power adaptor is safe for use in Singapore.

This is the FIRST UV Sterilizer that comes with 3 years warranty from Date of Purchase! FIRST UV Sterilizer to provide free replacement UV lamps and LEDs within the warranty period! (terms & conditions apply)

*Auto water dispenser featured in above video is NOT INLCUDED.

CUCHEN UV Sterilizer – The next generation of UV Sterilizing

UV Sterilizer is getting more and more popular due to its:

  • Convenience – Items will stay sterilized inside as long as door is closed. Users only need to wash and use UV Sterilizer to dry, sterilize and store till the next use.
  • Multi-functions - Users can continue to use UV Sterilizer for their clothings, toys and even electronic devices when their little ones grown up.
  • Easy maintenance – Users only need to wipe the internal with a clean damp cloth.


  • Display: Graphic FND Module
  • Sterilization method: UV Lamp(2ea), UV LED(1ea)
  • Handling method: Touch button
  • Drying system: PTC Heater
  • Internal Specifications: SUS304. 180˚ Opening and closing
  • Function: Auto Mode, Warm Dry, Safety keep, UV Sterilization, Time control stages,
  • Auto save mode, Notification of replacement (UV LED, UV Lamp) 



  • 360° Sterilization with 2 UV Lamps  at the top and a Medical Grade UV LED at the bottom.
  • Only 2 UV Lamps located at the top.
  • Hive-Like Embossed STS Walls generate more rays for Zero Blind Spot Sterilization .
  • Line-Like Embossed STS Walls.
  • Thick STS Walls of 0.5mm for enhanced durability.
  • STS Walls of 0.3mm only
  • Big Capacity – Accommodate up to 3 racks.
  • Accommodate up to 2 racks.
  • Comes with the Bottle Rack, Special Rack for Nipples and Basket-type Rack
  • Most of them only comes with the Bottle Rack and Basket-type Rack.
  • Smart feature to prompt user to change the UV Lamps or LED when the lifespan is reached.
  • No indication when to change the UV Lamps. User need to estimate by the period they have been using.
  • Comes with 5 modes of operation – Auto, Drying, Sterilizing, Storage and Ventilation
  • Most of them have only 4 modes of operation – Auto, Drying, Sterilizing and Storage.
  • 3-years local warranty.
  • 1 to 2 years warranty.



Sterilize household items such as cups, cutlery, remote control, comb, water bottle, cell phone, office stationery, computer mouse, mugs, glasses,toys, school supplies, scissors, brush, etc

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Customer Questions
Do you only have this in red? There seem to other colours available from the original OEM website

Yes, we now carry this in red only. We used to also carry it in Blue, but no longer do so.

May i know if you sell cuchen sterilizer replacement parts please?

Unfortunately we do not at the moment.

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