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California Baby Massage Oil - Calming (Exp 03/24)

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California Baby Massage Oil is perfect for a gentle massage to lull your little one into deep slumber! This all-natural massage oil is free from nasty chemicals and synthetic fragrances, giving you total peace of mind. California Baby only uses the finest quality of traditionally recommended oils that are safe, gentle and effective. Make this soothing massage oil a part of your baby's night routine to hydrate the skin and help baby relax and unwind. Adults will also find this massage oil blend great for calming the nerves and relaxing tension.

  1. Calming: A smooth calming blend that includes French Lavender to ensure a good night's sleep!
  2. Eucalyptus Ease: Promotes a sense of well being with a blend of Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir
  3. Overtired & Cranky: A special blend that includes Roman Chamomile to help rebalance and soothe! special aromatherapy blend that includes Roman chamomile 
  4. I Love You: Aromatherapy blend of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange and Evening Primrose to relax the body and ease tensions! Frolicking aromatherapy blend that includes ylang ylang and sweet orange.


Why we love this product:

  1. All natural with no synthetic fragrances!
  2. Perfect for gentle massage to help relax, unwind and sleep
  3. Great for babies, kids and even adults with sensitive skin!



California Baby Massage Oil Calming California Baby Massage Oil Eucalyptus Ease California Baby Massage Oil Overtired & Cranky
Calming (exp 10/17) Eucalyptus Ease (exp 10/17) Overtired & Cranky (exp 09/17)
California Baby Massage Oil I Love You    
I Love You (exp 10/17)    



"This massage oil is lightweight and gentle for baby's skin. The Super Sensitive oil is great for my baby who suffers from eczema and I love giving him a soothing massage to help him have a good night's sleep." - Jody

"I love the California Baby brand and this massage oil does not disappoint. It does the job well and I love the light fragrances that help my baby smell nice! I find the oil not too greasy which is great as my baby feels more comfortable." - Michelle

"My little one has sensitive, dry skin and this is the best massage oil we have found. It's not too oily, it easily rubs into the skin, and it is safe for his baby skin. When he was a newborn. I put a few drops into his bath water and also used it as massage oil to rub in after each bath. I then added the California Baby unscented lotion before dressing him for bed. Now that he's a toddler and won't lie still for a massage, I still add a few drops to his bath and find that it helps keep his skin soft during the winter months. Like all California Baby products, there are no harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients in this massage oil. It's safe and eco-friendly." - Sandra

*Note on crystallization and natural ingredients 

California Baby uses natural, organic and purely plant- based ingredients instead of sulfates, irritants and synthetic fragrances. As a result, some products can be sensitive to changes in temperature. These temperature changes can cause natural/organic ingredients to crystalize. However, this phenonmenon occurs very rarely and should not be a cause for concern. Thorough investigations by California Baby has proven that this crystallization is not harmful and remains safe to use for babies. 

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Customer Questions
Hello, can this massage oil (Calming) be used on a baby' face and scalp? Or should only use it on the body. Thanks!

Sure you can use on face and scalp, however, do apply a thinner layer as face and scalp may have more sensitive skin.

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