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Brita Marella Cool Water Filter Jug (1x Maxtra Filter) - 2.4L White

Brand Brita
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Brita Marella Cool Water Filter Jug is a transparent jug that is developed to ensure tastier and safer drinking water for you and your loved ones. Backed by German Engineered Water Filter Jugs/Tank with Max Performance, Max Quality and Max Reliability. Brita Marella transforms your tap water into pure and refreshing water through optimal filtration by the MAXTRA+ filter. By reducing limescale and unwanted impurities, your drinking water is now safer to consume. 

  • Your existing drinking water solution, additionally improved
  • Renowned MAXTRA+ filter cartridge
  • Perfect Fit for optimal filtration. Ensures all water is reliably filtered.
  • Reduces limescale build-up, metals such as lead and copper, chlorine and other substances
  • MicroFlow Technology your existing drinking water solution will be additionally improved
  • Transparent jug for visible filtration 
  • Large capacity 2.4L (1.4L of filtered water)
  • Specially designed closed lid for easy dispensing 
  • Always on time - the unique BRITA memo will remind you every 4 weeks to replace filter cartridge
  • Dishwasher safe (except for the lid)
  • German Design and Quality
  • Important: Do not filter water which is not adequate for human consumption before filtering.

Imported directly from Germany, comes in German packaging (English manual provided)



Dimensions (Marella Cool): 

  • 2.4 litres (1.4 litres filtered water)

  • 26.5 x 27.5 x 11 cm (W x H x D)

Recommended by UK Tea Academy
The prestigious UK Tea Academy and Brita have a shared passion - the enjoyment of brilliant tea! To deliver a great cuppa, consider all the ingredients, not just the leaf or bag type, and remember that water has a major influence on the overall quality and enjoyment. In independent blind tests, 96 % of people agreed that tea made with Brita filtered water is more brilliant than tea made with unfiltered tap water!

MicroFlow Technology
Micro Carbon Pearls lock away taste and odour impairing substances such as chlorine in its millions of pores. Ion-Exchange Pearls ensure reliable protection from limescale build-up.


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