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Beansprout Pillow FAQ

Why do babies need a beansprout pillow?

Beansprout pillows are made to provide the baby with a sense of being protected and close to his/her parents by simulating the touch of a hand. Blankets and other forms of pillows may also help but they are usually too warm for hotter climates. Many also find that the scent and soothing sounds of the beansprout husks help calm and relax babies and help them fall asleep easier. The beansprout pillow not only helps in the transition from your womb to the world, it will also help comfort your toddler when he moves to an unfamiliar place (e.g. childcare, caregiver's home) away from you.

How is a beansprout pillow used?

Simply distribute the husk within the pillow evenly to form a thin layer and place gently over babies's chest. You can adjust the weight of the pillow by shifting the amount of husk you want to place on baby.

Can I scent my beansprout pillow so it smells like me?

Absolutely! This will help calm and soothe you baby faster as he/she recognises your scent and sense your closeness. To scent your beansprout pillow, sleep with it directly on your chest for 2-3 days before giving it to baby. The scent will last a few days until the next wash. To get them involved, you can get siblings and grandmothers to help scent the pillow so baby recognises and bonds faster with them too!

Is the beansprout pillow too heavy to place over baby?

Our beansprout pillows weigh a mere 200g and many find this weight and size just right. You can also shift the filling within the pillow to decide how much weight to place on baby.

What is the recommended age for using a beansprout pillow

Beansprout pillows are traditionally used to sooth babies and toddlers from birth. However, we do not recommend leaving babies under the age of 12 months sleeping with the beansprout pillow (or any other loose object) in the crib unsupervised, unless advised by your own healthcare professional. Please inspect your pillow regularly for any dust or loose particles before giving it to your child.

Is it safe to leave the beansprout pillow in the crib with my baby unsupervised?

The beansprout pillow is made to soothe and make newborn babies feel secure and comfortable which helps them sleep faster. Once your baby fall into deep sleep, the pillow is removed and used when baby wakes up again. We do not recommend leaving baby sleeping with the beansprout pillow (or any other object) in the crib unsupervised until your baby is at least 6 months unless advised by your own healthcare professional.

How do I care for my beansprout pillow

The outer cover can be removed like a normal pillow cover and machine/handwashed. The inner pillow and filling of the pillow should be sunned regularly (once every 1-2 weeks depending on use) to keep the husks crisp and odour-free. Please inspect your pillow regularly for any dust or loose particles before giving it to your child. 

The beansprouts husk pillows cannot be put into the washing machine. Soaking beansprouts husk with water will ruin them, and this is why the pillows cannot be put directly into the washing machine. It is recommended to sun the pillow. The warmth of the sun will refresh your beansprouts Husks. The cotton pillow cover is safe to be washed in the washing machine.