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Against24 Peppa Pig Antibacterial Handwash Mousse, 350ml - Exp 06/24

Against24 Peppa Pig Antibacterial Handwash Mousse, 350ml - Exp 06/24



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Against24 Peppa Pig Antibacterial Handwash Mousse is a foaming handwash that contains naturally moisture-locking agents and honey essence to prevent hand dryness and provide protection for up to 24 hours. This handwash contains SDC Antibacterial and hand protection elements. SDS uses bioscience in producing natural germs and bacteria fighters. The handwashing mousse with sweet fragrance and dense clean bubbles will give you the most peace of mind and health. The non-alcoholic foam is meticulous and easy to rinse. Washing your hands provides excellent care for gentle nourishment.

  • Mild contents and non-irritating
  • Contains 0% alcohol, triclosan
  • No added preservatives, free of 0% paraben, mi/mci 
  • Sweet fragrance to enhance your handwashing experiences
  • Honey essence and moisture-locking agents
  • Suitable for the whole family

Recommended for 3M+ 

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