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Heico Mushroom Lamp (Red)

Heico Mushroom Lamp, Night Light, Red

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Heico Mushroom Lamp, Night Light, Red

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German-made Heico red mushroom lamp gives a nice, quirky touch to children's bedroom (or any room)! The mushroom lamp's light is so soft that you can use the lamp as a night light! The red toadstool lamp looks as great when it is switched off as when it is switched on. It casts a wonderful warm glow. The little holes on the top of the lamp let the light escape creating an enchanting star effect to the walls. It would look great on a bedside table, a chest drawer, a display unit or simply laid on the floor.

To ensure your child's safety, this night light comes with a special 12V adapter (built-in with the plug) that ensures only safe 12V current passes through the power cord. This means your child will be safe even if he bites on the cord.

We also carry spare 12V (10W) Halogen Light Bulbs that will fit this lamp.

Heico Mushroom Lamp, Night Light, Red

Product Details

Height : 35 cm

Material: Heat resistant plastic. All lamps are hand finished and hand painted in Germany.


About Heico

The brand HEICO stands for fun products made of high quality plastic that are known world-wide and exclusively made in Germany. Probably best known for its famous Dachshund which has been nodding in many cars all over the world for over 45 years now, Heico's original designs, often copied but never rivaled, doesn't fail to inspire.