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Red Castle CocoonaBaby S3 Nest (0-4m)

17 Review(s)

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17 Review(s)

Customer Reviews

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Good Review by Jia Yan

It is really portable and my baby sleep well

(Posted on 1/19/2018)

Great investment piece. Used on four babies! Review by Sandy

I bought this for my sister's first child and it has been passed on back to me after serving both my sisters' children. It is really portable and is still in great condition. As it's height is taller than an average pillow, we use this as a side sleeper with no fear of rolling over baby. The slight incline helps his reflux as well. Highly recommend the cocoonababy!

(Posted on 12/29/2017)

Amazing product Review by Zekat

This product has worked so well for me that I want new mothers around me to share the joy of having your baby sleep in this. Initially I didn't buy it because it was very pricey and I didn't see what difference it would make but it showed me otherwise... so now when my friends give birth, I just send them this and all of them (plus husbands) are very thankful to me haha

(Posted on 10/8/2017)

Good Review by M

Baby has been sleeping in this since he came home so i cant compare if he sleeps better in this. Was good for two weeks, then he started to stretch and fidget whenever I placed him on it (this bed is to prevent hyperstretch) I still use this as his bed as the tilt is supposedly good for babies. The only issue is he perspires alot in this, so much that the bed cover (head to back) is wet. This despite following the recommended aircon temp at 19degreeC which is considered cold. He wears a footed sleepsuit with no blanket or hat.

(Posted on 9/9/2017)

Our baby sleeps so well! Review by TheWirk

The cocoonababy is a very cool product! Our son sleeps so well in it and, because it's portable, I can have the baby with me in the living room (i.e. on the coffee table) when he's napping, He looks very comfortable in the cocoon and I feel that he's secure with the velcro straps. I only wish they made a larger version for when he's older/bigger. Well worth the money because when baby sleeps, mommy can sleep too!

(Posted on 5/7/2017)

Good but retains heat Review by Liz

We used it for almost 5 months and the baby was happy in it although she sweat alot at the head and back. Another friend's visiting baby at two months tried it and it calmed him immediately and he seemed to like it too. It is a good product but remember to turn the air con on high. We used muslin cloth to cover the baby although blankets are not recommended.

(Posted on 5/4/2017)

Good product but can get hot for baby Review by supersammy

Bought the Cocoona and worked well.. baby loved it! However even though baby sleeps in an aircon room together with us (temperature 24-25 degrees), when we carried her, we found her back rather warm.

(Posted on 4/25/2017)

Sleeps like a baby! Review by Amanda

Our newborn slept soundly in this since coming home from hospital. We use this in our room without aircon and just the fan and he's comfortable, cosy and warm. Highly recommended

(Posted on 2/22/2017)

PEaceful night sleep Review by Angeline

this was a life savior for me. Baby slept pretty well in this from 10pm -4am.

(Posted on 2/10/2017)

Wish baby used it longer Review by Sara

Was suckered into buying this cocoonababy for my little one, because c'mon, who are we kidding here, it looks great and seems like a miracle baby's nest! So naturally I was hoping that my baby would love it (as much as I did, lol)... AND SHE DID!

But only for 2 months.

After that, she would get annoyed every time I put her in and would try to flip over and squirm her way out.

It is a bit high, so if you use it in the cot, definitely need to lower the cot just in case your baby decides to surprise you by flipping out and diving onto the floor. If you use it in bed, it will take up quite a bit of space, so hopefully you have a king sized bed and an understanding, thin husband heheh :P

All in all, although it is pricey and it didn't get much use as expected, I would still recommend it to others.

(Posted on 12/9/2016)

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