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Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers

Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers

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Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers

Price: S$39.90


The award-winning Peek 'n' Drink nursing covers by Pupsik Studio are a must-have for any stylish nursing mom on the go! Each nursing cover comes with a unique adjustable "tie-back" feature that keeps your nursing cover in place while you are breastfeeding. Made of 100% cotton, this versatile nursing cover allows you to feed comfortably and discreetly in public places such as cafes, restaurants and shopping malls. Designed with an adjustable neckline that allows viewing, these covers also block out stimulation so your baby can focus on breastfeeding. our nursing covers are wide enough to provide good coverage for your breasts but are not too long to avoid overheating your baby.


Design on model above: Retrobaby

Available in many stylish fabrics, these also double up as a lovely pram cover and light blanket on days out!


Playfields Moroccan Retrobaby Retrobaby
Playfields Aqua Dots Retrobaby Mod
Classic Black Sea Dots Swirl Chic Chevron
Classic Black
Lagoon Dots
Swirl Chic Chevron
Dream Aqua Modern Blossoms Multi Tile Slate Tile
Dream Aqua Modern Blossoms
Multi Tile
Slate Tile
Dream Sorbet Bloom

Dream Lilac
Sorbet Bloom



  • One size fits all
  • Unique adjustable tie bag feature to ensure covers are kept in place while nursing
  • Rigid neckline allows for ventilation and you to view baby while feeding
  • Wide fabric coverage ensures that your breast gets adequately covered while baby does not get overheated by any unnecessary excess fabric
  • Easily fits into any diaper bag or purse
  • Conveniently located pocket for fitting in a burp cloth and extra pair of nursing pads 
    Made of lightweight & breathable 100% cotton
  • Available in many stylish high quality designer's fabrics
  • Conveniently located pocket designed for fitting burb cloth, breast pads etc...

    Washing Instructions: Machine/Handwash, Tumble/Line Dry. We recommend placing your nursing cover in a washing net to protect the rigid boning when using the washing machine/tumble dryer.