Kinetic Sand (1kg)by Waba Fun | Singapore

Kinetic Sand by Waba Fun (1kg)

Kinetic Sand (1kg)

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Kinetic Sand (1kg)

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Kinetic Sand is a revolutionary Easy-to-Shape sand that moves on its own and can be molded. It offers you all the fun with sand with no mess. Playing with Kinetic Sand is a magical and mesmerizing experience, giving a moment of relaxation for both young and old. Kinetic Sand is based on 98% pure sand. The secret to the movement is the patented technology hidden within the binder.

This item is for 1kg box of kinetic sand. You can also save by purchasing kinetic sand in larger (5kg) box.

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Sand play stimulates and develops children's fine motor and creative playing skills. Kinetic Sand is the perfect material for open-ended, non-directed play. It leaves no sand or residue on your hands and is great for sensory therapy. Kinetic Sand is also great for kids with allergies - it is wheat, gluten and casein free and 100% safe and non-toxic. If you are worried because your child or pet has eaten some Kinetic Sand, do not fear, you can download the Kinetic Sand MSDS Sheet for your doctor or vet here.

Kinetic Sand 1kg box

Why we love this product

  1. Sand in Motion!
  2. Great for Developemental skills and Learning Minds!
  3. Bring the beach indoors! Sand stays clumped
  4. Wont Spread all over.
  5. Conforms to the safety directives for the US and EU markets.

Do note that Kinetic Sand hates water. The results of kinetic sand may vary depending on the humidity levels in the environment. Kinetic sand performs best in outdoor environments with less than 60% humidity levels or air conditioned envronments in humid climates. Please play with dry hands. If moisture does get into the sand, allow it to dry out before resuming play.

"I originally ordered a whole bunch of this stuff for my seven year old's birthday. It was such a hit with every age-including the teenagers in the family, that I ordered more for my own personal collection. It is magical and mesmerizing. It is better than the damp sand at the California beaches I grew up with making sand castles. I have my own stash in a shoebox right now. It calms me, and makes me feel like a kid again. The sand is forever moving... You can make a sand castle but the movement of the sand will eventually start crumbling but that is what makes it so fantastic. If you are looking for a gift for your kid or yourself that is sure to impress-get this!" Caroline

"I bought this sand at a local toy store and it is unbelievable stuff. My daughter plays with it daily and more than once a day! She uses some playdough toys and uses her imagination. It is great for sensory and for hand strength, especially at her 3 year old age. Makes a great birthday gift! And gift for yourself! Expensive but worth every penny!!" Deiso